Bryant & May On The Loose

Macabre Pub Signs

Watching my friend Paul Davis’s excellent documentary on ‘An American Werewolf In London’ the other night, I was thinking about the pub sign ‘The Slaughtered Lamb’ – I have a macabre pub sign in ‘Hell Train’ – and dug out a very odd old book about English pub signs. My favourite, ‘The Last Drop’, featured […]

Off The Rails On The Radar

In a rare moment of self-promotion (you know I’m a bit rubbish at this) I can be heard with the excellent Karin Slaughter and others on BBC’s Front Row (might have helped if I’d told you when it was actually broadcast) here. And ‘Bryant & May Off The Rails’ got a starred review in Publishers […]

Sorry, You’re Not My Stereotype

I now have an author site on Amazon UK and US (Canada doesn’t seem to have been offered them), and it has surprised me by turning up this book (which I think must be a US large print edition). At first I thought it might be a Dadaist artifact by Marcel Duchamp, then I decided […]

Black Static, Back From The Dead, Bryant & May On The Loose,

I work at home. ‘Yes, but what do you do all day?’ I’m often asked. So in the spirit of keeping you up-to-date with what I’m writing, here’s what I’m actually doing this year. I think it’s probably about the same as any other writer, a mix of projects that will remain stillborn and others […]