Bruce Jay Friedman

Keep Calm & Read A Book

Okay, now that we’re all on board for the Trumpseidon Adventure (or the Towering Trumpferno, if you prefer), let’s calm down. How? By reading a good book, of course! Not the lovely ‘Lost Cases of Bryant & May’ now climbing the charts as an e-book in the US for a low, low price and available […]

What Happened To Black Comedy?

Where and when did the idea of black comedy come into being, and what happened to this distinctive literary genre? Let’s start by defining terminology. Black comedy involves a work that makes light of serious, disturbing and possibly taboo subjects. It corresponds to the earlier concept of ‘gallows humour’ and is often controversial due to its subject matter. […]

Eight Great Forgotten Anthologies

Anthologies are not collections. The former are compilations from a variety of authors under the aegis of an editor who makes the selections, and the latter stem from a single writer. Anthologies were once hugely popular in the UK and provided an inexpensive way of discovering new writers; a task now performed by e-readers. Consequently […]