British Fantasy Society

The Speech I Should Never Have Made

I’m seen here having won two awards. I can’t remember what they were for, because moments after this photo was taken the plaques attached to them fell off and I couldn’t glue them back on. I don’t respect awards very much; as a juror on many panels, I know they’re at best arbitrary and at […]

Ghoul School

There’s a British Fantasy Society Open Night tomorrow, Friday 2nd March 2012 at The Mug House, 1-3 Tooley Street, London Bridge, London SE1 2PF. This is a treat way for fledgling writers to mingle with professionals in a no-hierarchy no-nonsense way. The BFS is currently going from strength to strength but we need new members. […]

Fancy A Friday Fantasy?

If you’re a budding writer interested in horror, SF, fantasy or genre fiction in general, now’s your chance to meet authors and publishers in a friendly, attitude-free atmosphere. The British Fantasy Society regularly hold open nights where newcomers are welcome, and tomorrow night sees a new venue for the BFS at Truckles, Off Bury Place, […]

Why I Don’t Get Invited To Festivals Much

See the people on the signing panel. How happy they are that anyone turned up at all. How pleased they are when someone purchases a paperback instead of spending all their time on their walky-phones and jabscreens. From time to time, though, the lovely people at the British Fantasy Society are prepared to put up […]