British comics

Things To Make & Do

Never begin a sentence ‘When I was young…’ and never continue with; ‘we made our own amusement.’ However, when I was young we made our own amusement, from which something fell out of the Jamboree Bag of my mind; giveaways in British comics, one of which was a piece of cardboard folded from corner to […]

Backstories To The Bryant & May Books No.6

The Casebook of Bryant & May (Graphic Novel) This book contains two illustrated untold cases for Bryant & May, which take them through the streets of London in search of the Soho Devil, and up the Telecom Tower to search for a severed hand. I worked with Keith Page, the brilliant artist of Commando Comics, […]

Goodbye, Desperate Dan

No more cow pies, no more bending a lamp-post to light a pipe… Well, that’s not strictly true, but Desperate Dan will never be quite the same again. After 75 years serving as Britain’s longest-running children’s comic, The Dandy has faced a harsh economic truth and realised that its sales will never reach the heady […]