I’d Like To See Kindles Do This

What happens after the bookshop shuts? A couple who own Type bookstore in Toronto put this together. Watch it get ripped off in an advert any day now.

Eat Your Heart Out, Kindle!

This, my friends, is not a bookshop; it’s a stairway to a place of enchantment. It’s what happens when a passionate shop owner creates something far greater than any mere shop. In this case, it’s a place modelled on the legendary Paris bed-&-bookshop Shakespeare & Co – for the Sanctuary Bookshop, Lyme Regis, is a […]

The Great Secondhand Bookshops Of London

Secondhand bookshops are dying out, and will eventually be killed by Kindly-type eReaders (I’ve had Stanza on my phone for months and can barely get beyond a few pages – why? I read at home, not on trains, so a book is easier). Anyway, Chris Overbury runs these two bookstore gems, one in East Finchley, […]