Does Size Matter?

Google’s deal to make a vast amount of out-of-print material available online is coming into effect in the USA. Works from the US, Britain, Canada and Australia will be used, but under the proposals about 95 per cent of non-US books won’t be covered. Although the service will be available only in the US, Google […]

Remembering Pan Horror

When I was a kid I collected the Pan Books of Horror and frightened myself witless with them. Years later, I ended up in them, with three stories (two in the original series and a third in the relaunched ‘Dark Voices’ version) and was thrilled to become part of the legacy. Now Johnny Mains has […]

Jeremy Clarkson VS Socks

It’ll happen again this Christmas. Millions of people will think ‘What would Dad like? Socks or a book?’ and because they’re not near a Marks & Spencer (if that’s possible in the UK) they’ll drift into a bookstore. There in front of them they’ll see a bewildering array of colourful covers – but wait! This […]

Did Reading Just Evolve Further?

Probably not,according to Nicholson Baker in the New Yorker. ‘Here’s what you buy when you buy a Kindle book,’ he says. ‘You buy the right to display a grouping of words in front of your eyes for your private use with the aid of an electronic display device approved by Amazon.’ The edited version of […]

London Books

New books on London are hardly news; dozens are published each year. But I’m excited about Terry Farrell’s look at how cities are shaped by landscape. It should be of interest to anyone who wonders why London’s streets are so unfathomably awkward to get around. Three further volumes I’d recommend are here in my own […]