Bad Sex Is Back

In the early seventies, erotica and fantasy were big popular book genres. Now it seems the trend is back, with the ubiquitous campaign for EL James’s sub-dom smutfest ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ paying off with remedial readers who are prepared to plough through its English-As-A-Second-Language prose and finish several tree-baiting volumes of so-called ‘Mommy-Porn’. The […]

Possibly The Most Calming Thing You’ll Ever See

How did a simple phrase go from being a forgotten poster to an iconic symbol of modern England? Check out this excellent little explanation but be warned; you may rather deeply fall in love with the bookshop…

More London Books…

Jason Hawke’s stunning photographs above London continue to sell, while ‘Vanishing London: The places, the people, the stories’ is a lovely looking volume of photographs and tales from the recent past.’STORIES’ is a volume about the history of King’s Cross from Boudicca to Blur, lavishly illustrated, as they say, and ‘Panoramas of Lost London’ is […]

I’d Like To See Kindles Do This

What happens after the bookshop shuts? A couple who own Type bookstore in Toronto put this together. Watch it get ripped off in an advert any day now.

Bryant & May Characters Who Actually Exist

Readers of the detective series may recall Leslie Faraday, the foot-in-mouth pubic servant who manages to upset everyone he deals with. He clearly has a counterpart in Colin Barrow, the Westminster City Council leader and former hedge fund manager who managed to unite restaurateurs, theatre impresarios, shopkeepers and the Church in opposition to parking plans […]

Could This Be The Death of The Editor?

If you’re a professional writer, this story will either make you want to cheer or kill yourself. The connection between the cloth pig and the young lady is intriguing, because it started a career. 28 year-old Amanda Hocking writes vampires novels and paranormal romances, and is obsessed with the Muppets. She lives in Austin, Minnesota, […]

The Pitfalls of Being Funny

They say comedy doesn’t win awards (unless it’s a comedy award in the first place) and it’s true. Books, films and plays that are essentially dramas with lighter moments always lose out to dramas which are played straight. Cases in point; the overrated ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ is so determinedly dour and severe […]

The Library VS The Mobile

Louise Robinson, the new president of the Girls’ Schools Association, says that smartphones and tablets are about to take over from reading books, partly because children will be able to access information more easily in their spare time. She’s certainly right in principal, but then she says children would have to be taught how to […]

Exotic Reading

When I travel I tend to read books with a more international flavour – it’s hard to immerse yourself in a thriller set in rainswept Berlin when you’re in 35 degrees of steam-heat. This trip I read ‘Congo Journey’ by Redmond O’Hanlon, who is the Gerald Durrell of the maggots-and-malaria school of travel. This, his […]

Yet More London Books!

I can’t imagine how the Kindle will ever cope with books like these. iPad apps are already providing interactive cookbooks, but London guidebooks are collectable and designed for ease of use when walking about. Here are three new volumes about the city. London’s Hidden Secrets by Graeme Chesters has a page designated for each find […]