blog tours

Why Blog Tours Work For Authors & Readers

I’m used to an interviewer saying ‘I haven’t had time to read your book’, but to have one say ‘I haven’t had time to look at your book jacket’ was a first. Journalists are now desk-jockeys with ten items a day to produce. Once they went out into the street to seek stories. Now all […]

Publicising Your Work

When you’ve sold a book, your publishing house will traditionally appoint a PR for you. Sometimes they’re terrific, sometimes they’re overworked looking after a bigger author and you don’t see them. When I first started you used to have a meeting to discuss your publicity campaign. Looking back, this seems like a fantastical thing to […]

How Much Should Writers Expose about Themselves?

I’m currently doing a blog tour and finding it refreshing after years of doing regular press interviews. Instead of some poor exhausted journo trying to file ten stories in one day and not having had the time to even read your book jacket, let alone the book, I’m being asked intelligent and interesting questions by […]