Bleeding Heart Yard

Backstories To The Bryant & May Books No.6

The Casebook of Bryant & May (Graphic Novel) This book contains two illustrated untold cases for Bryant & May, which take them through the streets of London in search of the Soho Devil, and up the Telecom Tower to search for a severed hand. I worked with Keith Page, the brilliant artist of Commando Comics, […]

Bryant & May Location No.3

This is St George’s Gardens in Bloomsbury, the little neighbourhood spot in ‘Bryant & May and the Bleeding Heart’ where Romain Curtis sits with his girlfriend Shirone and tells her about the stars above them, before they witness the strange event that sets in motion the story’s murder plot. It has a surprisingly gruesome history, […]

London Books – I Give Up!

I’m currently researching the next Bryant & May book by visiting the area around Bleeding Heart Year, and reading some new London books, but this month there has been a veritable avalanche with simply too many to cover or recommend here – some thirty volumes! These are the ones I’m studying for ‘Bryant & May […]