Black Static

The Scent Of Roses

Here’s a story I developed out of an idea in ‘Hell Train’. It’s in the latest issue of the very excellent ‘Black Static’ magazine, the sister mag to the equally terrific ‘Interzone’. The story worked out rather well, I thought, but don’t expect to see it in a future collection, as publishers don’t seem to […]

Who Reads Short Stories?

I and most of my friends do, but we increasingly feel cut off from the general public, who would rather sit in front of ‘The Nation’s Fattest Teenager’ than pick up a book of short fiction. For the last few years – actually, longer than I care to remember – I’ve been writing columns for […]

How To Be Unpopular

We’re in strange times for horror and fantasy. China Mieville writes the knockout ‘Kraken’ and gets criticized for being too weird. Stephen King writes four new novellas and gets praised for avoiding the supernatural. TV dramas like ‘Whitechapel’ get greenlit so long as they have a factual element in them. Writers produce fiction based on […]

Winning Stories

The first ten writers whose stories were chosen from the Campaign For Real Fear will be appearing in Black Static 17: ‘Copy Degradation’ by Gemma Files ‘The Rude Little Girl’ by Kaaron Warren ‘Nice One, Truly’ by Alan Morgan ‘On The Beaten Path’ by Janos Honkonken ‘In The Night Supermarket’ by James Burt ‘Shades of […]

Black Static Takes A Great Leap Forward

Black Static magazine is the best horror fiction & review magazine on the market, bar none. A sister magazine to Interzone (SF) and Crimewave (crime), it has been quietly upping its game over the last two years, and with issue 16 has exploded into full colour with better paper stock and beautiful illustrations. Over the […]

Black Static, Back From The Dead, Bryant & May On The Loose,

I work at home. ‘Yes, but what do you do all day?’ I’m often asked. So in the spirit of keeping you up-to-date with what I’m writing, here’s what I’m actually doing this year. I think it’s probably about the same as any other writer, a mix of projects that will remain stillborn and others […]