Bill Tidy

Our Forgotten Friends In The North

A mate of mine regularly bombards me with examples of bleak local humour, from the Manchester Evening News headline ‘Man’s legs stolen – wedding dream shattered’ to the York Evening Press competition to ‘Win a trip out with the city’s road gritting team!’ Northern journalists soon started writing novels with such a dark sense of […]

‘Stay, The Night Is Young And You Are Enormous!’

(This column is an updated version of one that first ran 5 years ago – I’m away for the weekend) As ‘The book of Forgotten Authors wends its way toward the general public, yesterday I looked back over my chaotic files, getting ready to bung a feather duster over them and put them in neat […]

It Came From Behind The Shelf No.6

When Punch magazine folded after 150 years in 1992, a raft of familiar cartoonists vanished with it. A handful of artists, like the wonderful surrealist John Glashan, also evolved stories as well as one-off panels. The most epic and peculiarly English of these is Bill Tidy. His strip ‘The Cloggies’ gently ribbed Northern customs through […]