Big Green Bookshop

A London Bookshop Cornucopia

If there’s one thing I miss when abroad, it’s the quality of English bookshops. As someone who has not watched live television since Winston Churchill’s funeral it’s important to know these places are still around. I miss the bookshops of Charing Cross Rd, most of which have been replaced by cake shops , but there are […]

It’s Showtime!

This being the start of the Autmun book season, I’ll be doing several gigs around the country. Feel free to come along to any of these events and say the usual things; ‘You’re much older than I thought you’d be,’ ‘I loved your first book – you were very good in those days,’ and the […]

Why This Store Needs London’s Help

The Big Green Bookshop is special even among other indie bookstores. It’s as much a community drop-in as a shop. Its owners are known throughout North London’s Wood Green, and go out of their way to make customers welcome, with regular readings and events. I’ve appeared there, and the atmosphere was wonderful. This is the […]