Five New H-H-Half Hours

BBC Radio 4 is to recreate lost episodes of 1950s radio¬†sitcom Hancock’s Half Hour, with a new cast including Pirates of the Caribbean actor Kevin McNally in the title role originally taken by the late Tony Hancock. The Missing Hancocks will consist of five of the 20 episodes missing from the BBC archives. They are […]

London On Film

I rely on reference books for a lot of my research when writing, but you can’t beat moving footage for atmosphere. There are several intriguing films on DVD about London’s past around at the moment. ‘Roll Out The Barrel’ is a collection (five hours’ worth!) of short films about pubs, from swinging London to expressionistic […]

London, The Modern Babylon

Rightly or wrongly, Julien Temple is best known for ‘The Great Rock and Roll Swindle’, his wild-child Sex Pistols movie, and the studio-destroying flop ‘Absolute Beginners’. His scattergun approach to pop culture stands him in good stead, however, for his two hour epic ‘London – The Modern Babylon’, which was shown on the BBC last […]

Missing Movies

I’m a film freak, and my vast collection of movies will probably have to be donated to a museum when I die, because I’ll have spent my life geekishly collecting films and soundtracks that nobody remotely likes anymore – plus the technology will have changed again, so it will all be obsolete. One of the […]