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Q&A 2

Some more answers to your questions, starting with one from yesterday’s comments (and another cheesy shot of me at some thing). Where is the best place to steal ideas from and get away with it? Film, book, TV, radio or a particular source/place/author. The answer may infuriate you. When I’m working on the main drafts […]

Q&A 1

I love good public Q&As, and with the peak book and film seasons coming up in the not too distant future, I’ll be booking myself in for as many Q&A events as possible. They’re best when the questions are original and the answers aren’t rote. Here are a few of the questions I’ve been asked […]

Why Blog Tours Work For Authors & Readers

I’m used to an interviewer saying ‘I haven’t had time to read your book’, but to have one say ‘I haven’t had time to look at your book jacket’ was a first. Journalists are now desk-jockeys with ten items a day to produce. Once they went out into the street to seek stories. Now all […]