At Last The 1948 Show

Five UK TV Series Some Readers Might Have Missed

My antipathy towards television is well-documented, but it really wasn’t always this bad, honest. And there has always been a groundswell of basic television that simply morphs from one generation to the next. Viz; What Old shows Turned Into Opportunity Knocks – The X Factor Come Dancing – Strictly Come Dancing The Brains Trust – […]

English Peculiar

The English have a long history of surrealist comedy, particularly on TV and radio, although there are wonderful books as well. I was reminded of this when, visiting my mother in Sevenoaks, Kent, I found a little record shop (remember those?) that stocked an album I had as a child, the precursor to Monty Python […]

The English Explained In A Single Clip

One of the fun things about YouTube is sorting through your childhood media influences, and for me (and I suspect many writers who use comedy to leaven darkness) Monty Python was a formative experience. But before that, of course, there was At Last The 1948 Show with virtually the same cast and mindset, and before […]