The Olympic Seeds of Artistic Change

Outside each of the world’s embassies, people of that particular nationality are picking up daily tickets for their nation’s events. Up in Islington, by the headquarters of the Czechs, this lifesized bit of kinetic art syphons the British Olympic spirit through a particularlu Czech sensibility. The Routemaster bus is still doing push-ups accompanied by a […]

Your Dinner’s In The Furnace

The Lazarides pop-up restaurant/ art experience returns shortly for more strange and atmospheric nights in one of London’s most mysterious (and secret, as it’s yet to be named) sites around town. The last one, entitled ‘Hell’s Half Acre’,was apparently great – I missed that but will go to the next, here. Pics come via Londonist.

Urban Narratives

A new exhibition, Urban Narratives, is opening at Sumarria Lunn Gallery in Mayfair on March 8th and apparently features a piece based on one of my books. Matthew Picton humanises the city by deconstructing city maps and imbuing them with the unique history and culture of each place. In ‘London 1940’ four panels depict the […]

Bryant & May In The Soup Again

My friend Mike Nicholson has sent me some drawings he’s done from ‘Bryant & May In The Soup’, one of two Bryant & May stories that appear in the volumes of ‘Red Gloves’. I love seeing what artists do with the characters. Oldies are always more interesting to draw that smooth-faced young’s! You can find […]

The Anti-Olympic Logo Manifesto

With only one job available for every 83 graduates, it had to happen. Somebody had to put all that wasted creative energy to good use and come up with an alternative Olympics symbol. Inevitably, it was a bunch of avowedly ‘naughty’ artists headed by Billy Childish (ex-date of Tracey Emin, which says it all) who […]


Christian Marclay’s astonishing tour-de-force ‘The Clock’ is part of the latest British Art Show ‘In The Days Of The Comet’, at the Hayward Gallery, and certainly its centerpiece, although the naked guy watching the burning bench was a freaky second (he goes to lunch between 1:00pm and 2:00pm). I hope it finds a permanent place […]

More Camden Horses

The horses of Camden Market are all new, and the project appears to be ongoing – certainly one of the blacksmiths is still missing his hammer – but there’s a lot of woodwork and metalwork going on in decorative friezes and benches, walls, fountains and staircases all over the market. It’s good to see that […]

The Horses Of Camden

Further to the post below complaining about the lack of craft touches in London, I now have to eat my words. The rebuilt stables at the north end of Camden Market are a sight to behold. Virtually everywhere you turn there are massive bronze statues and friezes of horses, ostlers, stableboys, guardsmen and others whose […]

Covent Garden Turns Into Warren Street

This is the 53-foot long giant helium-filled rabbit that has appeared in Covent garden today. It’s an advertisement for the new Tate Modern show ‘Pop Life: Life In A Material World’ and is modelled on the stainless-steel Rabbit by pop artist Jeff Koons.

Nottingham’s Art Gallery

I remained sober last night (although it seemed the rest of Nottingham did not) and was up early to go and visit the castle, above which is an astonishing art gallery. I was the only person there, and was amazed by the sheer strangeness of the curatorship, which had gathered together a peculiar mixture of […]