Problem Solved

So Google’s new Chromebooks use Google’s own operating system. They’ll coordinate with Google’s “cloud” online services, and have almost no capacity to store information. Instead, they act as web browser that make users email directly on the web, instead of storing software like Outlook or Word. Google’s is hitting Microsoft’s PC OSs and Office software […]

Technology 2: Feeling You’re Behind

There are two big problems with technology. 1. Trying to find something interesting with which to illustrate technology articles. 2. Being on the one-year cycle. Being an Apple fan has its downside. The biggest one is the messianic thrice-yearly announcements from Steve Jobs telling us that what we just bought is about to become obsolete. […]

How Many Women Have iPhones?

Living near a railway terminal, you tend to see an awful lot of people using phones as they rush for trains, but I’ve noticed that while a great many men seem to have iPhones, few women have. This is dodgy data at best – after all, I’m only going by what I see, but it […]