apocalypse movies

The End Of The World Keeps Changing

In 1954 Richard Matheson wrote a science fiction novel called ‘I Am Legend’, about the only man on earth not afflicted with a kind of vampirism. In 1964, AIP made a cheap film version starring Vincent Price, acknowledged as the template for all ‘living dead’ movies that followed. In 1968 ‘The Omega Man’ was the second […]

Re:View – ‘The Last Days’

Another day, another stonking Spanish-made genre movie – this time from the Pastor brothers, who gave us the equally apocalyptic ‘Carriers’. More concerned with psychological effects than gore and spectacle, the film nevertheless looks fantastic. It’s set in two time-frames, the present (after the unspecified event that destroyed the world) and just before it happened. […]

Re:View – ‘FIN’ (‘The End’)

Just what we need – another post-apocalypse movie – or is it? Taken from the novel by David Monteagudo and adapted by Jorge Guerricaechevarria (Day of the Beast, Accione Mutante) and Sergio Sanchez (The Orphanage, The Impossible), this Spanish production has gold-plated credentials and asks a larger philosophical question – what if we knew we would simply cease […]