Andy Nyman

The Trouble With Anthologies

The BBC created a tradition of filming a classic ghost story for Christmas (the best of their choices is now out in a collectors’ Blu-Ray edition) and the same problem that bedevils written anthologies is magnified on film. Some stories simply fail to create the intended effect, leaving weak spots in the overall series or […]

Why Church Attendance Plunged

Trawling around the interwebs for weird stuff (it beats channel surfing) I stumbled across the terrifying Junior Christian Science Bible Show, not realising that all-round good guy Andy Nyman had already laid into it on ‘Screenwipe’. For those of you who ‘enjoy’ this – there are lots more episodes online! I particularly like Andy’s description […]

No Cannes Do – Again!

In ‘Film Freak’ I lead off a chapter about the Cannes Film Festival with this sentence; ‘Every Cannes Film Festival is announced with the same pair of newspaper headlines. If it’s going to be a good year, the line is ‘In The Cannes’. If it’s bad, it’s ‘No Cannes Do’. ‘ Well, ‘No Cannes Do’ […]