Look Who’s Stalking

Recently I needed to learn how to make a bomb for research in a book I was writing which has a terrorist theme. I’ve done this before, but back then there was no online tracking. When I did it this time I really upset my online footprint. I’ve described how to make a bomb before […]

How Writers Have To Choose

Yesterday, Amazon was accused by the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee of bankrupting booksellers by using corporation tax avoidance schemes that made it impossible for them to compete. This is the latest skirmish in the war; Amazon’s publishing arm is also being challenged by established publishers. Last week the New York Times reported that […]

That Synching Feeling

The future isn’t what it used to be. When the future was imagined on shows like ‘Tomorrow’s World’ or in speculative magazines, it always showed single systems that would change our lives. Nobody mentioned that these single systems would be subdivided into a complex maze of ringfenced copyright systems. This morning my phone notified me […]

The */***** Controversy

One star or five stars? Do you bother to rate the books you read on Amazon? There’s a new row brewing, and it’s over the way in which these ratings may be manipulated. Out of 69 ratings on the US site of Amazon for the recent novel, ‘The Priest’s Graveyard’ it has apparently received 51 […]

How Do You Choose A Book?

I’m drowning in books. The TV hasn’t been on in weeks – months – I’m reading four books at once and still can’t keep up. Why? Because I’m reviewing them as well as trying to keep on top of my chosen personal reading, and also researching my own novel. Press space is more limited than […]