Blog From The Bog: Subsiding Subsidies

This is the post where I occasionally run a past blog and rewrite it, as it seems apposite again in the light of current events. My friend Porl Cooper reminded me of this, originally posted under the heading ‘Stage Fright’. It seems appropriate as a triumphant London Mayor prepares to dump the arts and concentrate […]

Is The Fringe Killing Itself?

  In the view of our current arts-hating present government, theatre is something that must pay its own way and turn a profit by putting on populist shows for punters. That’s fine for the West End, I suppose (it wasn’t once, but let’s not dwell). And London has – or at least, had – an […]

Stage Fright

Subsidised theatre has always been a Conservative target. Why, the argument a seems to run, should theatre be given money to ‘improve’ the middle classes who are the only people interested in it? The flipside of that mantra is that a healthy West End is good for the entire industry, and healthy local theatre feeds […]