Alice In Wonderland

Listen To A 1960s Wonderland

  With the 150 year anniversary of ‘Alice In Wonderland’ there’s been a lot of renewed interest in Lewis Carroll’s nonsense book this year. ‘’ at the National Theatre is the latest updated incarnation of the Alice story, although – like the rest of the National’s winter season – it has proved a less than […]

Neglected Films No. 12: ‘Dreamchild’

Alice in Wonderland always puzzled me. Plotless and picaresque, dreamlike but cold and uninvolving, it gained a foothold in the American heart because its author was embraced by a US university. In England it was considered by its critics as rather unsophisticated children’s fare despite its huge commercial success, but the endless reprints appealed to […]

Tricky Books 2: Alice In Wonderland

It seems churlish to complain that the book which has just inspired the sixth film in history to gross $1 billion at the box office worldwide has never been well-represented on screen. Clearly Alice is doing something right, even tricked out in 3D with the girl replaced by a grown woman. Alice is now one […]