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Where Things Come From

  Example No.1: How writing works. I’ve just returned to writing proper (powered by the miracle of medication). I make no excuses for this. Fantasy world building is exhausting, and it was late. Example No. 2: Observational Detective Work Sitting opposite this theatrical ticket agency having coffee with a friend, something bothered me. I’ve seen […]

When The Past Comes Down

Here the wearing of a mask is not a political act (Today’s diatribe was inspired by watching statues toppled in Bristol and on university campuses.) Growing up in Greenwich, South London, I would walk past the statue of General James Wolfe without even noticing it. So many ubiquitous statues of lauded military figures had been […]

We Need To Talk About Context

The removal of the Fawlty Towers episode ‘The Germans’ for a racial slur was the standard reaction one would expect about now, while the BLM movement gets up to speed, no problem there, although I’m sure a lot of sclerotic shires folk exploded with rage about it. The action provided a talking point. Ultimately Black […]

Seen & Noted: ‘Dead Fashion Girl’, ‘The Candidate’

  The sheer volume of entertainment and leisure options available to us now is so unprecedented that it’s hard to find a way through the information overload. I rely less on press critics these days, but there are certain bloggers I trust who seem to have similar ahem, ‘eclectic’ tastes to mine. Ultimately I always […]