Invisible Amending

This seems to be a new trend in Hollywood – find a film so obscure that nobody remembers seeing it, remake it and quietly pretend it’s original, while simultaneously removing the very thing that made it special in the first place. As the Hollywood remake of the Euro-hit ‘Anything For Her’ heads for the screen […]

Worst. Seduction. Ever.

Someone, bless them, just uploaded this hideous moment from Green Wing where Dr Statham impresses Joanna with his sportiness in the hospital office from Green Wing, while she comes to the slow realisation that it may have been a bad idea to have encouraged him. I may post the sequel after she dumps him, and […]

Technology 2: Feeling You’re Behind

There are two big problems with technology. 1. Trying to find something interesting with which to illustrate technology articles. 2. Being on the one-year cycle. Being an Apple fan has its downside. The biggest one is the messianic thrice-yearly announcements from Steve Jobs telling us that what we just bought is about to become obsolete. […]

More Than A Thousand!

I just seem to have cruised past the thousand-article mark on this blog (that’s not including all the rest of the stuff we painstakingly assemble that’s dotted around the site). I’d turn it into a book except that it’s a mad ragbag of bits and bobs that interest me – and I hope might interest […]

Technology 1: The End Of The Printed Word

Reports from the Frankfurt Book Fair say that e-book rights sales are rising fast, driven by America. Europe is horrified by the idea of hard-copy books vanishing, publishers are in turmoil, profits are plunging. Except that no-one can see any evidence. The rare early adopter, usually male, well-off and young, can be seen toting an […]