Great Britain

British Units Of Measurement

Following a recipe last night, I found myself forced to work between three accepted British units of measurement; grams, ounces and cupfuls. We seem to have adopted some measurement units but none of them completely. This, of course, is the British way of doing things. After the campaign for women’s suffrage peaked between 1910 and […]

Let’s Talk About The Weather

So said the schoolgirls in ‘The Pirates of Penzance’ when confronted with something more serious, but on George Monbiot’s excellent site there’s a report about how the forecasting of the British weather became politicised after the UK right-wing press began making predictions using a couple of meteorological companies, neither of whom had prediction track records. […]

Unusual Holiday Destinations 1

I’m hoping 2012 allows me some further interesting peregrinations, and was looking through travel pages when I noticed that Sark, the fourth and smallest of England’s Channel Islands off the South Coast, has won the first island Dark Sky award for not having any light pollution. There are no cars or street lights on the […]

News Items That Should Inspire Horror Films

Yorkshire Water is putting fat-eating bacillus bacteria – commonly found in the human gut – in its sewer network in an attempt to prevent blockages, which typically increase by 25% over the festive season. The company began pouring vats of water mixed with the bacteria down sewers at known trouble spots last week and is […]