Bryant and May

Survival Tips For A Long-Running Crime Series

‘My (insert aged relative of choice) loves your books.’ I first noticed a problem when I went back to check on a character’s name in Book 12 of my Bryant & May novels. The character was using a Blackberry. These devices have now officially deceased; nothing dates faster than technology. I flicked back through earlier […]

Have A Very Snowy Christmas!

This year, the usual festive Christmas hamper at Fowler Towers is being replaced by a Turkey Meal-For-One, after which Admin will retire to his room with a copy of ‘Bleak House’ (cf. Hancock’s Half Hour: ‘Christmas will be just like any other day in this house – dead miserable.’) I had been wondering what more […]

Bryant & May Are Coming Back

  Hopefully this will put a smile on your faces. Some of them, anyway. The next book from me will be ‘Hot Water’ from Titan in March 2022. However, in July it will be followed by a new Bryant & May book – although not a novel. ‘Bryant & May’s Peculiar London’ is a rather […]

Launched This Week: The Final Bryant & May Novel

Closure is so satisfying Well, the old boys began at death’s door and somehow remained there for twenty books, but regular readers know why this has happened. The side effects of my failed chemo, combined with a truly bizarre sequence of global events, have conspired to imprison me at home and push my stress levels […]


This just arrived at Fowler Towers. I am beyond excited. It’s out July 22nd. There WILL be signed first edition giveaways. As you were.

Bryant & May Awake

How woke should a fictional crime series be? The recent term for the old awareness formerly known as ‘PC’, and before that ‘cool’ and before that ‘hip’, has been so absorbed into the mainstream that many entertainment products now feel as if they exist on one side of the line or the other. Thumbing through […]

Bryant & May 20th Anniversary Novel – Cover Revealed

What can I tell you about the upcoming Bryant & May novel that doesn’t give the whole game away? Almost nothing, it turns out, except that it’s the longest, and the last. It’s long because I wanted to tell a bigger story, and the last because I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish […]

What Are The Bryant & May Books Really About?

There are questions people in every profession ask each other. Apparently when actors who have played King Lear meet each other the first question is always, ‘How heavy was your Cordelia?’ Ours is, ‘Are you still writing those…’ along with a heavy implication that you should have given it up years ago. WS Gilbert’s fiancée […]

You Asked For It

…and have only yourselves to blame. For several years now you’ve been asking me to write a Bryant & May London guide, and now seems the perfect time to do it. I’ve been able to visit a great many buildings without the impediments of traffic and tourists. Originally I had baulked at the idea simply […]

Call Me By My Name

In the new baby name polls of 2020 for the UK, parents have gone traditional with Oliver, Harry, George, Edward, Noah and Arthur (hurrah!) back in vogue. Of course, the Victorians were prepared to experiment with names like Isambard and Brilliant, but in times of uncertainty we move back into our comfort zones. However, last […]