Darkest Day

When one of the guests at London’s Savoy Hotel, where Jerry Gates works, dies in bizarre circumstances, she finds herself drawn into a nightmare world of blackmail, violence and ritual murder. She has stumbled into a conspiracy involving rare art, computers and a secret occult society.

Sharper Knives

Why an obsession with old British comedy stars can make you a murderer, how schooldays can be the weirdest days of your life, and what happens in the supermarket from hell… 14 illustrated, worst-scenario anxiety tales, laced with black humour. Everyday humdrum situations escalate into cataclysmic horror, in stories with titles such as “The Vintage […]

Red Bride

A major chiller thriller with the intensity of Fatal Attraction and the supernatural elements of the works of Anne Rice. John Chapel, a theatrical and film publicist, never chased the beautiful women he met and worked with. But the day Ixora walked onto the set, Chapel was in love. Their whirlwind romance leads to marriage […]


London is in the grip of an epidemic – across the city, people are dying in freak accidents, each body yielding strips of paper carrying indecipherable heiroglyphics. Aiming to clear his own name after being linked with the victims, Harry uncovers the most hostile takeover bid of all time.

The Bureau Of Lost Souls

This is a collection of tales of urban paranoia about desperate people in seemingly ordinary situations – workers in offices and friends in pubs, husbands and wives in apartments and houses. All of them the most unlikely people to find themselves trapped within their personal vision of hell. The author also wrote “City Jitters” and […]


High above London on the rooftops of the city lives a secret society of misfits governed by a bizarre code of honour. It is known to only a few people on the streets below, until a murderous battle for leadership breaks out. Robert and Rose, two innocent outsiders, are drawn up onto the rooftops of […]

City Jitters 1 & 2

The city consists of only car parks, nightclubs, taxis, bright pavements, laughing people, ringing telephones – but in its very ordinariness there lurks its greatest terror. This is a collection of urban horror stories. These are my earliest collections of short stories, now out of print. The first collection of dark urban short stories includes […]