Old Devil Moon

A geologist trapped in a town without water is lured into a desperate escape plan. A boy plans a murder in an eerie funfair. A cop witnesses an inexplicable plague of madness. A teenager learns a deadly trick with his mobile phone. A woman unlocks a childhood secret with the aid of old comic books. […]

White Corridor

The unthinkable has happened at London’s Peculiar Crimes Unit. In the bitter depths of winter, a member of the team has been murdered, and everyone who works there is a suspect. With the exception of Arthur Bryant and John May that is, for the eccentric detectives who run London’s strangest crime division are stranded on […]

Ten Second Staircase

A controversial artist is found dead in her own art installation inside a riverside gallery with locked doors and windows – the only witness is a small boy who insists the murderer was a masked man on a horse. A television presenter is struck by lightning while indoors… Two seemingly impossible crimes that only Arthur […]

Seventy-Seven Clocks

‘The newspapers referred to it as the case of the seventy-seven clocks. There was quite a fuss at the time. We got into terrible trouble. Dear fellow, it was one of our most truly peculiar cases. I remember as if it was yesterday.’ In fact, Arthur Bryant remembers very little about yesterday, but he does remember […]

The Water Room

Originally built to house the workers of Victorian London, Balaklava Street is now an oasis in the heart of Kentish Town and ripe for gentrification. But then the body of an elderly woman is found at Number 5. Her death would appear to have been peaceful but for the fact that her throat is full […]


Is your job making you sick? At SymaxCorp the work is piled high, people are toiling overnight to meet deadlines, and the supervisors are keeping their beady eyes on everyone. But staff are complaining of feeling ill, and the last health and safety officer disappeared one evening never to be seen again. It’s down to […]


Welcome to Christopher Fowler’s ninth collection of stories of urban dread, designed to fill your waking dreams with dark fears and even darker laughter. Seventeen tales of weirdness and suspense. Meet the journalist with Tourette’s syndrome who spends a tense weekend with Hitler, the monkeys who turn a holiday into hell and the waitress who […]

Full Dark House

When a bomb devastates the office of London’s most unusual police unit and claims the life of its oldest detective, Arthur Bryant, his surviving partner John May searches for clues to the bomber’s identity. His search takes him back to the day the detectives first met as young men in 1940. In Blitz-ravaged London, a […]

The Devil In Me

A teacher loses a pupil somewhere in the London Underground. A catwalk model reveals the grisly secret of looking good. Sex toys become the instruments of fate. This collection of stories covers all manner of black comedies and dark revelations. ‘Fowler’s imagination is capable of great tenderness, too. Spliced with a narrative restlessness that keeps […]


Kay Goodwin is a 16-year-old boy with a smart mouth and too much imagination. Marooned in the rundown seaside resort of Cole Bay, his life is a horrible comedy of errors that has trapped him in the country’s most dismal place at the worst possible time – the early ’70s. He dreams of escaping the […]