Books About Time

It’s surprising that there aren’t more books written about time, and the changing way in which we perceive it. Martin Amis wrote ‘Time’s Arrow’, a reverse-time chronology of moral compromise and Auschwitz, a powerful, bleak, and of necessity ugly read that nevertheless catches the sense of time being ultimately irreversible. Far lighter was Jack Finney’s ‘Time […]

Can The Kindle Bounce Back?

When e-readers were first introduced, book lovers reacted as if it was the end of the world. Despite the fact that many early e-readers were badly made and connected to poorly organised online booksellers, paper books were suddenly feared as dead as investigative journalism and independent fish shops. After struggling with various models including a […]

Bryant & May – London’s Glory

  Bryant & May In The Field ‘Remember the parachutist who was alive when he jumped out of his place but was found to have been strangled when he landed in the field? Well, you’re going to love this one, trust me.’ John May took the car keys away from his partner and threw him […]

The Sand Men

In Dubai there’s a new world of high-end, high-luxury resorts emerging for the super-rich – but at what price to everyone else? Lea, Roy and their 15 year-old daughter Cara live in a gated community reserved for foreign workers. Roy has been hired to deal with teething problems at Dream World, a futuristic beach complex. […]

Bryant & May and the Burning Man

Pyrophobia   The match sizzled, flared and settled to a soft yellow flame. It was touched to the branches that had been hacked from the surrounding ash trees, and soon the inferno roared and leapt upwards, orange sparks pulsing into the starry black sky. Behind the spitting, crackling forest a man was caged within its […]


This is the first time I have written a haunted house novel – I can’t believe it has taken me so long, considering it’s one of my favourite genres. ‘Nyctophobia’ concerns a young architectural student named Callie who marries an older man with a daughter and moves to a beautiful, isolated house in Spain. Callie […]

Bryant and May and the Bleeding Heart

It’s a fresh start for the Met’s oddest investigation team, the Peculiar Crimes Unit. Their first case involves two teenagers who see a dead man rising from his grave in a London park. And if that’s not alarming enough, one of them is killed in a hit and run accident. Stranger still, in the moments […]


June Cryer is a downtrodden, shopaholic suburban housewife, trapped in a lousy marriage. After discovering her husband’s infidelity with her flight attendant neighbour, Hilary ‘Boarding From The Rear’ Cooper, she loses her home, her husband and her credit rating. Then her best pal, the appallingly non-PC Lou, offers her a way out; a mutual friend […]

Bryant and May and the Invisible Code

Winner of CrimeFest 2013’s ‘eDunnit Award’ for ‘the best crime fiction ebook published in 2012 in both hardcopy and in electronic format’. Two small children are playing a game called ‘Witch-Hunter’. They place a curse on a young woman taking lunch in a church courtyard and wait for her to die. An hour later the […]

Film Freak

It’s the late 1970s and 20-something Christopher Fowler is a film freak, obsessively watching lousy films in run-down fleapit cinemas. He longs to be a famous screenwriter and put his dreams on the big screen. And so he heads for Wardour Street, Britain’s equivalent of Hollywood. Here’s an excerpt from the book, about my years […]