June Cryer is a downtrodden, shopaholic suburban housewife, trapped in a lousy marriage. After discovering her husband’s infidelity with her flight attendant neighbour, Hilary ‘Boarding From The Rear’ Cooper, she loses her home, her husband and her credit rating. Then her best pal, the appallingly non-PC Lou, offers her a way out; a mutual friend […]

Bryant and May and the Invisible Code

Winner of CrimeFest 2013’s ‘eDunnit Award’ for ‘the best crime fiction ebook published in 2012 in both hardcopy and in electronic format’. Two small children are playing a game called ‘Witch-Hunter’. They place a curse on a young woman taking lunch in a church courtyard and wait for her to die. An hour later the […]

Film Freak

It’s the late 1970s and 20-something Christopher Fowler is a film freak, obsessively watching lousy films in run-down fleapit cinemas. He longs to be a famous screenwriter and put his dreams on the big screen. And so he heads for Wardour Street, Britain’s equivalent of Hollywood. Here’s an excerpt from the book, about my years […]

The Casebook of Bryant and May: The Soho Devil

The critically acclaimed cult detectives Bryant & May are the stars of a London detective series that explore the city’s most arcane mysteries, from its hidden rivers to its secret societies. And now they’re coming to comics! Christopher Fowler, a lifelong fan of graphic novels, has teamed with legendary ‘Thunderbirds’ and ‘Commando’ artist Keith Page […]

Hell Train

Imagine there was a supernatural chiller that Hammer Films never made. A grand epic produced at the Studio’s peak, which played like a cross between the Dracula and Frankenstein films and ‘Dr Terror’s House of Horrors’… Four passengers meet on a train journey through Eastern Europe during the First World War, and face a mystery […]

Bryant and May’s Mystery Tour

This is a digital only short story – available to download as an ebook. Early on an unseasonably warm Christmas Eve, Arthur Bryant of the Met’s Peculiar Crimes Unit is summoned by the Home Office to attend a crime scene. Later that morning, he meets his colleague John May at a bus stop near Marble […]

Red Gloves: Volumes 1 & 2

A double-sided collection of 25 award-winning stories, never before collected, arranged in two volumes – ‘Infernal’ and ‘Devilry’. One collection spans the globe, and the other features stories set in Great Britain. In the first London stories, deceptively ordinary events like an evening in a pub or a night on the town have terrifying consequences. […]

Bryant and May and the Memory of Blood

‘Madame Blavatsky?’ said May as they headed downstairs to the new tea shop that had just opened beneath the unit. ‘You’re the last of your species, you know that, don’t you? One day you’ll be in your own glass case in a museum. Label; the London Eccentric, Londinium Insolitum,shy, hardy, solitary worker, difficult to breed, […]

Bryant and May Off The Rails

Bryant stared down into the sodden streets. It was hard to detect any sign of spring on such a shabby day. At least the doxies and dealers had been swept out of the area as the fashionable bars moved in. Eventually the raucous beckoning of hookers would only be recalled by the few remaining long-term […]

Hellion: The Curse Of Snakes

‘Something had been released into the night streets. It moved unnoticed and sucked the life from people. It caused slow painful death, but even those who could sense its presence were too scared to admit it was there.’ Red Hellion lives opposite the creepy, tightly locked Torrington Park, or ‘Viper’s Green’ as the locals call […]