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‘Bryant & May’s Peculiar London’ Is Officially Volume 21

If you’ve been following this blog you’ll know that ‘Bryant & May’s Peculiar London’ is not a traditional murder mystery like the other volumes in the series but an investigation of an altogether different kind. The suspect is London itself, with the detectives, along with Janice, Meera, Colin, Dan, Sid, Maggie and various other characters […]

US Editions VS UK Editions

One Bryant & May book didn’t get published in the US. If you’re a career writer and manage to sell a few books over the years, you’ll be shocked at the space they take up. I live in a flat, so room is at a premium and international editions can’t be kept. I tried separating […]

Pages & Pictures: What I’ve Been Reading & Watching This Week

Slow Horses – Mick Herron A confession; I struggled with the first of Herron’s Slough House books, thrown by its jocular tone, and decided to wait for the televised version instead. I’m glad I did, because the series seems different to what I read. Herron’s natural joviality and quirkily dark sense of humour shone from […]

Your Cut-Out-N-Keep Bryant & May Plot Guide Part 4

16 Bryant & May HALL OF MIRRORS In which Mr May Spends a Weekend in the Country And Mr Bryant Gives the Game Away   In 1969, ten guests stay in an isolated country house, Tavistock Hall, for the weekend, but one of them is harbouring thoughts of murder… Young detectives Bryant & May are […]

Your Cut-Out-N-Keep Bryant & May Plot Guide Part 3

(I’m publishing these each day now because we have lots of other subjects to discuss, so there’s one more to come tomorrow) The Casebook Of Bryant & May (Graphic Novel) Two illustrated, untold and very silly cases for Bryant & May, ‘The Soho Devil’, saw them coming face-to-face with a clown cult and a runaway rhino, […]

Your Cut-Out-N-Keep Bryant & May Plot Guide Part 2

When I look back at these plots, I’m surprised more at what I didn’t do with the series as much as what I did do. I didn’t marry any of the leading characters off, I didn’t write plots about drugs, pedophilia or trafficking and I didn’t use loads of Anglo-Saxon swears. Not for any prudish […]

Your Cut-Out-N-Keep Bryant & May Plot Guide Part 1

Following on from recent discussions of plots, it occurred to me that I hadn’t ever bothered to publish my own guide to the 21 plots of the Bryant & May books (they’re probably lurking on another part of the site covered in cobwebs), so here in four parts follows your guide to what’s what between […]

Writer’s Block? Let’s Call It Something Else.

I’ve no doubt that writers’ block is real but the name covers a host of symptoms. As someone who has been linguistically incontinent since age six I was never able to understand how some writers could complain of bunged-up word pipes. It seems such a vague condition. Block just means you’re unable to write for […]

Too Much Death On The Nile

I have only my geekiness to blame. I should never have compared the three versions of Agatha Christie’s ‘Death on the Nile’. The novel was vintage Christie, combining the whodunnit with the author’s love of Egyptian antiquities to good effect. It’s also a key example of Christie misdirection, a classically constructed prestige concealed by shifting […]

Why Do My Detectives Live In London?

A reader recently asked me why the Bryant & May novels are ‘so London-centric’. The short answer is that the characters were born there, and so was I. On average people live 37 miles from where they were born, with one in four people owning their final property within a five mile radius of their […]