Have A Very Snowy Christmas!

Bryant and May

This year, the usual festive Christmas hamper at Fowler Towers is being replaced by a Turkey Meal-For-One, after which Admin will retire to his room with a copy of ‘Bleak House’ (cf. Hancock’s Half Hour: ‘Christmas will be just like any other day in this house – dead miserable.’)

I had been wondering what more could go wrong this year when the lift to our sixth floor apartment broke down and remained unprepared for two weeks. But that was just the start. The husband has now caught Covid, the Christmas dinner is cancelled, the company delivering all our food just went bust and the Royal Mail lost my Christmas presents. 

But all was not lost. Our regular commenter, the charmingly esoteric and frequently peculiar (love that word) ‘Snowy’ periodically gets mad ideas and puts them into practice, manufacturing all kinds of Christmas novelties. Snowy fully understands the concept of obsequiously flattering vain and silly authors, and so this Superannuated Detectives Kit arrived in the post this year to do our tree proud…a Merry Christmas to all!

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  1. BarbaraBoucke says:

    Well done Snowy and Merry Christmas to you and Pete. Hope he is better soon, the Royal Mail finds your lost packages, a new food service provider appears, and the lift doesn’t go haywire again!! The Sondheim video on YouTube was wonderful.

  2. snowy says:

    You would not beeee-lieeeve how difficult it is to slip someone a rune these days… [Oh… what a give away!

    Which ever festivals you each may mark or not during the year, I hope you are all able to enjoy a few days break from the general chaos of life in the way that pleases you most.

  3. Joan says:

    Unbelievable that all these things could go wrong at the same time. I must confess it made me smile(sorry) but there is always a silver lining to any cloud, and Snowy proved it. I hope Pete doesn’t feel too bad, and your gifts eventually arrive and you enjoy your modified Holiday dinner. Those little figures are too cute and will cheer you up no end. Looking out my window we are very snowy, with more flakes coming down. I will be cracking open my copy of London Bridge Is Falling Down on Boxing Day as my own Christmas treat.
    Wishing you a Happy Christmas and safe New Year!

  4. Jan says:

    Top work Snowy! Mind you I didn’t twig at first that we were talking Bryant + May here I thought that was a Xmas tree reproduction of Pete and Yourself!

    Best Christmas wishes.

  5. Helen+Martin says:

    So glad Snowy made up for some of the rest of the mess. The very best of whatever everyone wants in these last few days of a very unpleasant year and may the new year bring better things for us all.
    We’ll think about you and Pete with wishes for a quick recovery – for Pete this time!
    All the very best to you, Snowy, in that marvelous creative workshop of yours.
    Lifting a glass of plum gin in salute. (2oz Rose’s lime cordial, 2oz plum gin all in a 12 oz glass; fill with water – and ice cubes if desired)

  6. Paul+C says:

    Very best wishes for Xmas and 2022 to all here – this wonderful blog has helped to keep my sanity intact during another bizarre year. Cheers everyone !

  7. linda+ayres says:

    Oh they are just perfect. Sorry to hear of all your difficulties , a good book on Christmas afternoon sounds pretty good though.
    I hope that Pete recovers quickly and that 2022 is kinder to us all.

  8. CorneliaAppleyard says:

    Happy Christmas to all.
    I hope the husband recovers quickly.
    Why is Arthur refusing to wear his hat?

  9. Martin Tolley says:

    What Paul C said. Best wishes to all the regulars and the drop-ins here, and huge thanks to you Mr F for all the books, and for all the fun that’s been sustaining us through these turbulent times.

  10. BarbaraBoucke says:

    Good question Cornelia. I looked again at the top photo and realized that Snowy included more than one hat option.
    Perhaps Arthur, being Arthur, didn’t like any of them! Best wishes to everyone.

  11. Frances says:

    I hope you are not alone for long. Remember that Christmas dinner for one does not have to be turkey, especially if the food delivery collapsed. Personally, I am partial to curry.

    I love the little B&M figures with options of head gear. A lovely, thoughtful present.

    I have no idea if things will get better but sincerely hope so. Meanwhile, I do hope you and all on here have a happy and peaceful Christmas!

  12. Liz+Thompson says:

    Hope Pete is soon recovered, and so are the missing presents. Well done, Snowy! And a happy Christmas/Yule/Saturnalia/Midwinter festival/Season to you all.

  13. Corina says:

    Merry Christmas to one of my favourite novelists!
    Your novels instruct and amuse at the same time and I reread them always with the same pleasure!

  14. Roberta says:

    My gosh, holidays can be the WORST! I hope the illness is fleeting, the lift gets fixed, the reading is cozy, and a better day dawns.

  15. Debra Matheney says:

    Adorable figures, Snowy. So sorry about all the mishaps and wish husband a quick recovery.
    At the end of every year, my mother used to say, ‘Another year shot to hell.’ I had high hopes for 2021, but it was a bust starting out with that awful insurrection. I fear for democracy on both sides of the Atlantic. And I fear Covid is here to stay.
    We are enjoying well needed rain in California, my husband and 3 cats are well as am I, close friends are sharing time with us over the holidays and food and drink are being shared by all. I try to remain grateful for all I have, including the works of magical writers like you. Guess I will have to order “Hot Water” from the UK. Merry Christmas to all.

  16. Keith says:

    That’s brilliant Snowy! What wonderful collector’s item. I’d. Iikë one for my bookshelf- any spares?

  17. BarbaraBoucke says:

    I’m not on Twitter but I can still read it – just not comment. Congratulations on the No.1 spot in the top 10 books for 2021 in the Maliceafore site – or however it’s called. Absolutely a well deserved honor and what a lovely tribute to your work – especially at a Christmas that has gone rather pear-shaped. (I think that’s the right analogy.)

  18. Peter T says:

    Ace from Snowy. Merry Christmas. From this point, everything gets better.

  19. SteveB says:

    Merry Christmas Admin!!! To you and your husband.
    Amazing work frim Snowy 🙂

  20. roxanne g reynolds says:

    Admin and all the rest of you lot have helped me make it through another annus horribilis (my latin is beyond rusty – can’t be bothered to double check with the goooogle.) my most sincere wish is that we can ALL reconvene on this date next year.

  21. Stu-I-Am says:

    Probably cold comfort after being thoroughly ‘Grinched’ — but you have us. And here’s a little something to remind you:

    ‘Whose Blog Is It Anyway ?

    Twas the Night before Christmas and all through the blog,
    Commenters were stirring and CF’s agog,
    That’s usual, mind, as all there know, topics put forth are merely for show.
    ‘Christmas Lit’ was the ostensible natter, but unlikely you’d know from all of the chatter. Jan was on about mangers of yore and Snowy riffed on Frankincense lore ‘I do what I can,’ CF mused. ‘And do what I oughter. Forget ‘drinking,’ he said,’ I can’t get them to water.’

  22. Stu-I-Am says:

    And to all a Happy/Merry Christmas — and an immaculate reception.

  23. Roger Allen says:

    “Bah! Humbug!”

    Your Christmas sounds very like mine, admin, except I do it on purpose and I don’t have (or deserve) anything as elegant and beautiful as Snowy’s gifts.

  24. Robert says:

    I know things are bad with Covid and that you have many difficulties in your life. Stay positive and know that “Hard Times” can and do end. My father, born and bred a Londoner, was standing on his father’s house’s roof with a pair of binoculars just a few days after Christmas in 1940. December 29, 1940, was one of the worst nights of the London blitz and when the famous picture of St. Paul’s, surrounded by fires, was taken. He went downstairs and told his parents he thought the cathedral would not survive the night. Miracles happen and it stood defiant the next day. Miracles may well happen for you next year and I truly hope they do. I have followed Arthur and John from the beginning and they have brought me pleasure throughout their long journey. May 2022 be a year of renewal for you.

  25. Bob Low says:

    Season’s Greetings to you both, and may 2022 bring you some long over-due and much deserved good luck.

  26. Jo W says:

    I would like to wish both of you a Happy Christmas, but I feel that might be adding salt to the wounds. Oh well, what the heck, love and hugs Chris and Pete.xxxxx
    P.s. do you think Snowy will go into mass production? I’d buy 😉

  27. Wayne Mook says:

    Merry Christmas and here’s to a better New Year. Have a splendid day whatever you celebrate and even if you don’t.

    Well myself and wife had Covid at the start of the month, my daughter had 3 days in school which covered birthday, and then got Covid as well. Isolation took us to about the 20th so we were clear to go to my brother-in-laws, mother-in-law visiting from Portugal and then he caught Covid and is now isolating so I know about wrecked Chrimbo plans (mother-in-law is staying in Portugal and having a Christmas meal with German friends usually about 5 courses and lovely), I also broke to TV, oopsy (I knocked it over and broke the screen, it now makes a good radio), broke my phone’s screen and this computer is on the blink, (previously this month I broke a toe but I’m so used to that it didn’t bother me.). We dashed out and bought a new TV, but the cables don’t match the old TV so I can watch freeview, which is fine but I can’t plug in the the video/dvd combo. I did get a blu ray player for Chrimbo ( spell check thinks this should be Chimborazo – an Ecuadorian stratovolcano, composite volcano, in this case a volcano on a volcano. (Well someone has to go off topic.)) off my little sister and her other half, hooray but in the UK and Ireland it does not include a cable, Jim (the other half) checked to see if we needed cables, my wife oh yes we have plenty of cables, which is true just not that size HDMI cable, which the new TV needs as well, it’s like having a present without the batteries when I was a kid. So I am half way through Sweeney Todd (Depp does a singing impersonation of Keith Richards of a well known pop combo of the sixties and early 70s. I know they still exist now but the less said the better.) Just to add a final few insults, I twisted my ankle getting the TV and dropped it, it does work. And for Christmas my daughter amongst other things has the Beano prank set (plus annual) including the water squirting ring which she used to squirt the back of the blu ray player, so until tomorrow when I can get a cable I won’t know if it works let alone what the end of the musical, which I am enjoying (I do prefer Tod Slaughter, I’ll polish him off.) and the dvd’s (I won’t tell you what the auto correct was trying to do to this, but one of the D’s was missing.) I received for Christmas are taunting me.

    Well I’m off to eat my Terry’s Chocolate Orange, and a tuck in to a selection of ales a friend bought me. I’m easy to buy for, if all else fails chocolate and booze.

    Have a wondrous time one and all, and I hope to get into Hot Water next year. I’ll get my coat.


  28. Wayne Mook says:

    …what the end of the musical entails, sorry the above goes a bit stream of consciousness but entails seems to be the most glaring grammatical error. By the way the Chocolate Orange is very nice and I have 2, one from my sister and one from my wife.


  29. Wayne (a different one) says:

    Wishing you Happiness at Christmas and for the coming year.
    You got some cool mail there, that’s merchandise for sure!
    Sorry to hear you’re Christmas got pulled away form you.

  30. Richard says:

    A Christmas Book Recommendation from Amazon:

    Bryant & May: Oranges and Lemons: A Peculiar…
    by Christopher Fowler
    “The most delightfully, wickedly entertaining duo in crime fiction. ”—The Plain Dealer
    When a prominent politician is crushed by a fruit van making a delivery, the singular team of Arthur Bryant and John May…

  31. Ed+DesCamp says:

    To one and all: Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays! Chris, we all hope Pete recovers quickly, and that the rest of the garbage you’re dealing with is soon behind you.
    Snowy, that is a beautiful, creative gift.

  32. Hark Waters says:

    Struth! After reading Wayne’s string of minor misfortunes I would not have been surprised if his Terry’s Chocolate Orange had proved to be poisonous.

    Anyway, glad to hear that Wayne and family came out the other side of covid in good nick.

  33. Roger Allen says:

    Well, that’s that for another 364 days. You could always console yourself with thinking “Things can’t get worse”, Wayne Mook & Admin, but they usually do. I remember thinking that the Xmas before last, and look what that brought me and everyone else!

  34. Wayne Mook says:

    The Chocolate Orange was very nice, I’ve wired up all the devices. Hopefully tonight I will watch the end of Sweeney Todd.

    We’re driving to Birmingham from Manchester on New Year’s Eve, what could possibly go wrong?

    Have a good New year everyone.


  35. Pauline wallin says:

    Sad to hear your Christmas was miserable. If it’s any consolation so was mine. Very much looking forward to your new Bryant and May in 2022. Did you try Hancock style festive fare, turkey feet and chips? Guaranteed to make even the heartiest soul more anguished at this generally ghastly time of year.

  36. John+Griffin says:

    Merry Xmas all. Wayne, M6. Enjoy the interminable circumnavigation of Stafford when Jn 14 to 13 is blocked.

  37. Paul+C says:

    John – I like your surname. Are you related to The Invisible Man ?

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