The Friday Song Sunday Pop-Up!

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Even disguised as an adiposally-challenged lady, John Travolta can still remind us that he started out as a terrific song-and-dance man on the stage. Also, check out the Actors’ Fund Charity Hairspray finale on Youtube, featuring just about everyone who was ever in the show in a self-isolating finale. The link’s for a good cause, so I won’t post it here.


7 comments on “The Friday Song Sunday Pop-Up!”

  1. Martin Tolley says:

    Bonus. Many thanks.

  2. Dawn Andrews says:

    Blew the Sunday cobwebs away! Fantastic and topical.

  3. Liz Thompson says:

    Oh that was FUN.

  4. Brooke says:

    I’m with Mrs. T on this one.

  5. Jean De Muzio says:

    Thanks! Great to revisit that show!

  6. Helen Martin says:

    Haven’t seen so much crinoline in the air in my entire life. Fun!

  7. Maggy armitage says:

    I have just found your pod cast having lost my phone I switched on my I pad after four years and you not a D J saved my life as I re entered Hair Spray and my hairs stood up I am so thankful to you my beloved Chris and equally loved Pete Chapman always. Maggy armitage

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