Short Stories: The Complete List

Christopher Fowler
For those completists out there, this is the definitive list of all my published short story titles, now reaching Joyce Carol Oatesian (Oatsean?) proportions, if not her consistent quality. This is the order in which I wrote them, but there are still around five missing that I haven't been able to track down. (That's not all of them in the photo, just the ones I could reach without a ladder.) I've not included short plays, articles, reviews, talks or essays. I'd like to have added short synopses but I don't have the energy. So far there are no takers for me creative a single HUGE volume of the complete short stories entitled 'Total Midnight'. I may have to crowdfund it and then suffer the humiliation of not reaching my target... *indicates that the story was filmed or turned into a play.
  1. Left Hand Drive*
  2. Any Minute Now
  3. Change for the Sky Master
  4. Perry In Seraglio
  5. Tigertooth
  6. Vanishing Acts
  7. Her Finest Hour*
  8. The Cleansing
  9. What is Wrong with this Picture?
  10. Loaded Blanks
  11. The Art Nouveau Fireplace
  12. Box
  13. The Ladies' Man*
  14. Hot Air
  15. Lost In Leicester Square
  16. Shadow Play
  17. Deceiving the Lizards
  18. Jumbo Portions
  19. Safe As Houses
  20. The Master Builder*
  21. The Bureau of Lost Souls
  22. On Edge*
  23. Norman Wisdom and the Angel of Death
  24. Dale and Wayne Go Shopping*
  25. Contact High
  26. Last Call for Passenger Paul
  27. The Legend of Dracula Reconsidered As A Prime-Time TV Special
  28. Cooking the Books
  29. The Vintage Car Table-Mat Collection Of The Living Dead
  30. In Persia
  31. Black Day at Bad Rock
  32. Revelation's Child
  33. Can't Slow Down for Fear I'll Die
  34. Outside the Wood
  35. Chang Siu and the Blade of Grass
  36. The Laundry Imp
  37. Hated
  38. Night After Night Of The Living Dead
  39. Britannica Castle
  40. Perfect Casting*
  41. The Most Boring Woman in the World***
  42. The Unreliable History of Plaster City
  43. The Young Executives
  44. Jouissance de la Mort
  45. Evil Eye
  46. Brian Foot's Blaze of Glory
  47. Mother of the City
  48. A Century and a Second
  49. Spanky's Back in Town
  50. Dracula's Library
  51. Phoenix
  52. Unforgotten
  53. The Man who Wound a Thousand Clocks
  54. Inner Fire
  55. Wage Slaves
  56. Armies of the Heart
  57. Five Star
  58. Scratch
  59. Still Life
  60. The Cages
  61. The Grand Finale Hotel
  62. Midas Touch
  63. Permanent Fixture
  64. Looking for Bolivar
  65. Learning To Let Go
  66. At Home in the Pubs of Old London
  67. Crocodile Lady
  68. The Look
  69. Rainy Day Boys*
  70. The Beacon
  71. Come on Then, if you Think you're Hard Enough
  72. The Torch Goes Out
  73. Something for Your Monkey
  74. Living Proof
  75. Sex Monkeys
  76. Eighteen and Over
  77. Seven Dials
  78. The Threads
  79. The Lady Downstairs*
  80. The Luxury of Harm
  81. Cupped Hands
  82. The Night Museum
  83. Starless
  84. Take it all Out, Put it all Back
  85. The Twilight Express
  86. Exclusion Zone
  87. Identity Crisis
  88. Red Torch
  89. Turbo-Satan
  90. The Uninvited
  91. The Spider Kiss
  92. Heredity
  93. Let's Have Some Fun
  94. Forcibly Bewitched
  95. All Packed
  96. Old Friends
  97. Unnatural Selection
  98. Invulnerable
  99. We're Going Where the Sun Shines Brightly
  100. Hitler's Houseguest
  101. Dealing with the Situation
  102. The Green Man
  103. Breaking Heart
  104. Where They Went Wrong
  105. In Safe Hands
  106. Seven Feet
  107. American Waitress
  108. Above the Glass Ceiling
  109. Personal Space / Lebensraum
  110. Hop
  111. The Scorpion Jacket
  112. Feral
  113. One Night Out
  114. Emotional Response
  115. Cairo 6.1
  116. The Human Element
  117. The Trafalgar Lockdown
  118. Thirteen Places of Interest in Kentish Town*
  119. Two Murderers
  120. The Rulebook
  121. Dead Ground Zero
  122. Locked
  123. Lantern Jack
  124. An Injustice
  125. The Adventure of Lucifer's Footprints
  126. Down*
  127. The Stretch
  128. The Deceivers
  129. Killing the Cook
  130. Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside
  131. Enjoy
  132. The Eleventh Day*
  133. Piano Man
  134. The Girl on Mount Olympus
  135. Halloween Dog
  136. Poison Pen
  137. The Conspirators
  138. The Boy Thug
  139. The Velocity of Blame
  140. Arkangel
  141. The Mistake at the Monsoon Palace
  142. Beautiful Men
  143. Spine
  144. The Baby
  145. OFF
  146. Pacified
  147. The Ash Boy
  148. Oblivion By Calvin Klein
  149. Anything Can Happen
  150. The Girl Who Loved French Films
  151. The Corruption of Simon Montfleury
  152. The Well of Seven
  153. Uncle Alan
  154. The Caterpillar Flag
  155. The Scent of Roses
  156. Wonders To Come
  157. The Washing
  158. Head Count


John Griffin (not verified) Thu, 27/08/2020 - 20:51

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Blimey. Double cor blimey. That is awesome.

Gary Hart (not verified) Thu, 27/08/2020 - 21:04

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I'll take one, get he kickstarter rolling.

Daren Murray (not verified) Thu, 27/08/2020 - 21:26

In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

Kickstarter it please! This really is a must have for me. Maybe have a tiered pricing approach to help reach the target (whatever that needs to be to cover the costs) one price for the volume itself, a higher price for a signed copy and then higher still for a personalised dedication. Pop me down for the personalised one immediately. BTW are you sure its only 158? I'm sure the list I did for myself a couple of years back was more like 170ish. I need to try and dig it out!

Daren Murray (not verified) Thu, 27/08/2020 - 21:45

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Another thought. Maybe the funding level could also be acheived by offering to change character names to fan names in some stories for a donation towards costs? Maybe this would be sacrilege though and would defeat the whole purpose ...may just be over thinking it out of desperation to own a copy

Wayne Mook (not verified) Fri, 28/08/2020 - 01:27

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Lovely, thanks for this. For the Kickstarter book you could write a special story and have several named people bumped off for a price.


Daren Murray (not verified) Fri, 28/08/2020 - 10:28

In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

Found my list. Looks like I had included the London's Glory B&M stories, the City Jitters' wraparounds and 'Britannica Castle' as two seperate stories. No wonder my list was longer. The only one that seems missing from the list, unless I'm going mad, is 'Sun in the Sands' from BOLS? if Total Midnight doesn't happen, speaking as a completionist, a print copy of Frightening with 'The Stretch', 'Spine', 'Wonders to Come', 'The Washing' and 'Head Count' added would be marvellous!

tony williams (not verified) Fri, 28/08/2020 - 11:49

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Wow. Crowd fund. You'd reach it so quickly and so much in excess you'd become a Twitter villain (like Amanda Palmer)

Liz Thompson (not verified) Fri, 28/08/2020 - 13:36

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Would Unbound take it on? They do all sorts of levels with different offers.

Daren Murray (not verified) Fri, 28/08/2020 - 13:40

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Apologies for yet another comment on this, but 'Christmas Forever'from the Independent in 1997 would be great too :)

Colin (not verified) Fri, 28/08/2020 - 19:23

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Kickstarter is a great idea

Adam (not verified) Fri, 28/08/2020 - 19:53

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Count me in for any crowdfunding malarkey. The Cages stuck with me long after I'd read it; possibly my favourite short story from anyone.

Helen Martin (not verified) Fri, 28/08/2020 - 21:06

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A kickstarter book would certainly work and be popular.

John Griffin (not verified) Sat, 29/08/2020 - 21:25

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What would be a suitable sum? If there were 20, 50, 100 of us?

Lauren C (not verified) Fri, 04/09/2020 - 10:16

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Ready for Kickstarter. You could split them into two volumes with the second being a stretch goal. Or offer some kind of special edition for early bird supporters.