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Mr Fowler’s London Writing Talk Part 2

This is the conclusion of my little talk on London writing. Let’s move on 250 years. At the start of ‘Bleak House’, Charles Dickens famously points out that there is so much mud in the streets that it would not be surprising to meet a forty-foot Megalosaurus ‘waddling like an elephantine lizard up Holborn-Hill’, and […]

Mr Fowler’s London Writing Talk Part 1

The last time I appeared at London’s South Bank Literary Festival I went on after a young slam-poet who not only thrilled me; he left me wondering if I had anything relevant to say. There I was making obscure jokes while someone came on and spoke eloquently from the heart about his life today. This […]

The Lockdown Diaries 6: No Time To Be Bored

Selfish joggers are now the target of national hatred. It’s not all intellectual wordplay and learning new juggling skills up here in Fowler Towers, you know. I’ve decided that supine entertainment is far more enjoyable than going for a walk. Preferably curled up with as many cushions as one owns. We’re British, we’re thinking; who […]

Let’s Raise A Glass

Lately my pals have been calling to ask how I feel on my Big Rogue Cell Adventure, and I have to admit that the bad days are incredibly bad, but I’m holding out for the good ones when in a few weeks’ time after Lockdown and my BRCA I might feel more like rubber-legged Michael […]

The Lockdown Diaries 5: Alphabetical Order

Our post-hospital pastry run has now taken on epic proportions. We have to pass through the scruffy North London neighbourhood of Tufnell Park, which has a run-down little high street inexplicably filled with good independent shops. We return loaded with fresh cinnamon buns, lemon ‘volcanos’ and buttery mini bread puddings, the kind of cakes Alma […]

Should Bryant & May Mention What Happens In The Real World?

Today I fell back with relief into the fictional world of Bryant & May, staging a scene that involves an argument between Dan Banbury and John May over paint, an African parrot and a murder on a restaurant staircase. I don’t know if it will reach the second draft yet, it’s a bit mad. The […]