Let’s Raise A Glass

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Lately my pals have been calling to ask how I feel on my Big Rogue Cell Adventure, and I have to admit that the bad days are incredibly bad, but I’m holding out for the good ones when in a few weeks’ time after Lockdown and my BRCA I might feel more like rubber-legged Michael Jeter (below right). Sadly, this amazingly relaxed dancer died of epilepsy aged 50. The source material for this clip is now nearly 100 years old – how is that possible?

6 comments on “Let’s Raise A Glass”

  1. Martin Tolley says:

    Wow. Just wow.

  2. snowy says:

    Legomania, if you want the technical term.

    [As well as very great technical skill there is a slight cheat going on with the costume, it doesn’t work as well if you are not wearing Oxford bags.

    Men wearing jeans should never ever attempt it as there is a very serious risk of crushing a testicle; not that crushing is the main problem, it’s the accompanying screaming and fainting that proves socially embarrassing.]

  3. Jo W says:

    Wow, rubber- legged indeed.

  4. Liz Thompson says:


  5. It’s all in the trousers.

  6. Kim Froggatt says:

    Not that I am in any way anything spiritual but I love listening to this, https://youtu.be/F1ZwaEzMtJw
    Hang in thereon the bad days xx

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