I’m Not There, I’m Here


It’s been a long winter so far; a combination of workload, never-ending flu and not enough down time left me feeling wiped out, so I’ve gone away for one week. I’m in Hispaniola for a few days of whale-watching, rum drinking and tropical doodadery, back Saturday, unforch.

As someone who saw Barbados transform itself from a quiet old-world Caribbean island into a guffawing, ghastly Cotswolds-On-Sea, I prefer my tropical hideaways less developed, and have sloped off into one of the emptier corners. To this end I should really be reading Grahame Greene, Evelyn Waugh, Malcolm Lowry, Norman Collins and William Boyd. Have many female UK authors written about the tropics apart from Jean Rhys?

I’m not totally vegging out. On the flight I binge-watched the three seasons of ‘Detectorists’; if E Nesbitt ever needs a reboot Mackenzie Crook will be the writer/director to do it. I have also been thinking about writing a sequel to my as-yet-unpublished psychological thriller, and what needs to be in the 20th Bryant & May volume. This doesn’t count as work; it’s thinking.

Please note that I am still posting while on holiday. This is above and beyond the call of duty, and I hope you appreciate the effort it takes to sit upright, remove my sunglasses and type right now. Enough; I shall be separated from my Pina Colada no longer.

One week, and it’s already half over. Gad. The worst thing about this job is that you don’t retire, you get carried out. Waiter, more rum over here! And leave the bottle!

15 comments on “I’m Not There, I’m Here”

  1. Christine says:

    Is this post the result of traveling alone this time?

  2. Jo W says:

    Enjoy !

  3. Mike says:

    I feel grateful for the trouble you have to take to keep the books coming.

  4. Brian Evans says:

    Have a good time. Though never-ending flu sounds a bit suspect. Real flu or just man flu?

  5. Helen Martin says:

    Turn us off for a few days and let the sun dry that flu out of you. Yes, we appreciate the trouble you take. Every morning it’s one of the first things we do, wonder what you’ll have us thinking about today. Stretch the week out to two if you can.

  6. Wayne Mook says:

    Have fun and let us know if you find any good book shops.


  7. Joel Stein says:

    Hey Chris:
    Try Loreto, Baja California. But do it quick. It’s still a lovely, quiet and unspoiled people and good food. A few good hotels and a few that are kind of fun by funky.

  8. John Howard says:

    Ditto Helen’s comment. An enjoyable start to the day even if I have no idea what you are on about it definitely makes me think. Yesterdays post being one of them.
    PS: Enjoy the rum, i’m sure it’s an antibiotic, or something.

  9. Peter Tromans says:

    Have a good holiday! But, Cotswolds on Sea?

  10. Wayne Mook says:

    Well hope you’re having a better time than me today. In rainy Manchester on a bus on the way to a hospital appointment for a liver scan and then back to work. Which I’ve just come from. Today I’m mainly looking at grey cranes as Manchester’s building mainia carries on a pace.


  11. Kayleigh B says:

    If you like Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the rain.

    I’m so sorry, the temptation was just too much

  12. admin says:

    Wayne, you need a break. February is Suicide Month in the UK, probably.

  13. Jo W says:

    I hope nobody has handed you The Black Spot, over there in Hispaniola? Safe journey home.

  14. Matt says:

    “On the flight I binge-watched the three seasons of ‘Detectorists’; if E Nesbitt ever needs a reboot Mackenzie Crook will be the writer/director to do it.”

    I totally agree Christopher, I particularly liked his treatment of Worzel Gummidge over the Festive Season.

  15. Wayne Mook says:

    I think your right Chris. I shall have this Wednesday off, I think I may have to use the time to get rid some books, the piles are getting too big. Need to de-clutter some.


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