London’s New Home


Well it looks like the planning application for the new Museum of London, which is meant to occupy the site of the old Poultry Hall at Smithfields, has only just been submitted this month, which pushes back the start date and significantly, the opening date for the museum. As the new home of the London Symphony Orchestra concert hall is meant to occupy the museum’s current site, there’s a considerable knock-on effect.

Two London design firms won the project bid – the renders show a bit of the old brickwork, a bit of glass, nothing to frighten the horses.

It’s appropriate that the Museum of London will be here on one of the most extraordinary sites in London, which has seen jousting tournaments, executions, fairs and cattle markets. Based on what experts have said about the Smithfield work schedule (clue: not much) I reckon it won’t be open much before 2025 though, by which time I’ll be hitting my 70s. Quelle bummer. See you there.

5 comments on “London’s New Home”

  1. Christine says:

    Are there already applicants for the old premises?

  2. Peter Dixon says:

    I’m looking forward to the jousting tournaments, executions, fairs and cattle markets. Also cutpurses and doxies. Will HS2 be open by then?

  3. Peter Tromans says:

    Nothing wrong with hitting 70s – it’s quite young compared with some of the finest policemen.

  4. Helen Martin says:

    True, Peter, but I’ll be hitting my 80s and it’ll still be worth coming as long as my knees hold out. Christine, Admin said the symphony is to move into the old museum. I wonder how that makeover will go.

  5. Wayne Mook says:

    When you said London’s New Home, Crikey they’ve moved London, that must have taken some doing. They probably moved it further away from Europe, after all it’s a bit too close to France.


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