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Things You Could Once Do In London That You Can’t Do Now

…Like go to the London Zoo and ride a fair selection of animals. You could see Lubetkin’s beautiful penguin pool actually filled with penguins. Or how about the chimps’ tea party, where cakes were thrown by monkeys in frocks. Anthropomorphism, I know, but I recall the chimps loving it as much as the children. However… […]

Mr Bryant & Me

I had always imagined – and been fully prepared – to turn into my creation one day, even though I’d originally intended to become John May. When you spend so long inside someone else’s mind it becomes second nature to compare and contrast their nature with your own. I hadn’t expected to be trapped with […]

To Say Nothing Of The Dog

I thought it was time I revived the old ‘Invisible Ink’ column here with some more of the forgotten authors that failed to make it into the Book of Forgotten Authors. Some authors vanish in plain sight, recalled by their most successful work, which comes to define an entire career. A friend of mine has […]

The Rich Will Always Be With Us

Exhibit A: The Honourable Member for the 18th Century, Jacob Rees-Mogg AKA The Haunted Chimney, about whom the writer Ian Trevett had this to say: ‘He is famed for filibustering, where MPs block bills by talking for long enough to block the progress of a bill. In his long speech to filibuster the Sustainable Livestock Bill, […]