Cool Shorts 1


I’ve a packed work-day today and have no time to write an article, but here’s something I’ve been meaning to post for about 10 years. If you haven’t seen it before, stay to the end. I may post other shorts I admire…

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  1. Wayne Mook says:

    Splendid admin, I like the big ending.

    I think my favourite Spanish short is Le Cabina – The Telephone Box – A master class in escalation and I wonder how they got it past Franco’s censorship.


  2. snowy says:

    Given the post title I was expecting to glimpse some “entirely unsuitable, age-inappropriate” peach pink footer bags.

  3. eggsy says:

    Ha, I know some am-dram enthusiasts just like that…..

  4. Brian says:

    A good short that one with Marta Belenguer. For those unfamiliar with Spanish TV Marta appears in many TV series. The bloke with the bomb belt is Nacho Vigalondo who writes and directs many Spanish films – also does a bit of acting as well.

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