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Great Britain

Following on from the ‘Spitfire’ post, here’s another odd radio memory kicked off by Ian Luck, who knows far too much about this sort of thing. As the comments point out, it’s performed by chaps called Public Service Broadcasting. The above photo appears to have been taken in 1970 but I’m assured is recent. Got to love them for that.

And a moment of catharsis; I had a shock of recognition hearing this because it dredged up a long-forgotten memory. I recall my grandfather roaring with laughter about Lieutenant Commander Thomas Woodruff’s live broadcast description of the Spithead royal review of ships while being absolutely c*nted. He seemed to be a very amenable drunk and still managed to say ‘acumen’ in the correct context. The nice thing was, he was only suspended by the BBC for a week.

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  1. Ian Luck says:

    Sorry Chris – I’m cursed to never forget any weird, interesting, stupid, funny or downright disgusting fact that I’m exposed to. That Spithead commentary is one of those things. You hear about it and think: ‘That can’t be true!’… And then you hear the recording, and you realise that, not only is it true, it’s utterly hilarious. The man is as pissed as a buckled wheel.

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