Bryant & May Nominated For ‘Best Detective Duo’!


Well, this is nice. The lovely peeps at the Dead Good Reader Awards have nominated my detectogenarians Bryant & May for the Best Detective Duo Award, alongside Elly Griffiths for her characters Ruth Galloway and Harry Nelson, Tess Gerritsen’s Rizzoli and Isles, Sarah Hilary’s Marnie Rome and Noah Jake, Syd Moore’s Rosie Strange and Sam Stone, and P J Tracy’s Gino and Magozzi.

You can view the full list of nominations, and cast your vote here.

Now, I want to point out that this is a scrupulously fair-minded non-partisan site, and just because you visited it and Barry Forshaw in Crime Time this week described Hall of Mirrors as ‘one of the most sheerly diverting outings yet for his eccentric detective duo’, it doesn’t mean you have to vote for me. You’re more than welcome to vote for one of the other passably entertaining authors on the list, and while I’ll never forget the snub I certainly won’t judge you, or break into your house late at night and rearrange your furniture.

Awards mean nothing, especially when there’s no prize money attached, but it’s nice to thrash your worthless opponents into a pulp and walk away cackling to yourself. Just remember that if you vote for anyone else I won’t mind. It’s just that from this moment on you’re dead to me.

As you were.

8 comments on “Bryant & May Nominated For ‘Best Detective Duo’!”

  1. Jo W says:

    Hmmmm. I think I managed to vote for you the other day via twitter,Chris,but who knows? This i-pad has been doing some very strange and ‘peculiar’ things in the current overheated climate. I hope Arthur and John win.
    By the way,if you could see you way clear to popping round one evening and rearranging our furniture,I’d be much obliged. 😉

  2. John Griffin says:

    Well deserved for entertaining me greatly for some years now!

  3. Peter Tromans says:

    Congratulations, well deserved, hope you (or B&M) win.

  4. Debra Matheney says:

    Voted! Hope our dynamic duo win.

  5. Ford says:

    I voted as well. My “device” was playing up – kept freezing! I might well have (in the spirit of Arthur’s IT capabilities) voted for Gilbert and Sullivan – or was that Gilbert O’Sullivan? If you are popping ’round to rearrange my furniture, could see your way to run the hoover around! Cheers!

  6. Ed says:

    Just voted for Bryant and May. Good Luck. I didn’t recognize any of the others.

  7. Helen Martin says:

    I agree with Mr. Forshaw and I expressed my opinion some time ago. Am going to vote free of any fear of compulsion, especially as you’d have a time trying to rearrange any furniture round here. (Done) Was going to say “vote early and vote often” but they recognised the danger and have banned multiple votes. Therefore vote intensely, penetratingly, and clearly/

  8. Wayne Mook says:

    Well I’ve voted and it’s just between me and third parties that are essential to Penguin Random House, and the world. Actually giving information to something called random is a bit worrying.


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