The Tuesday Song

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I know. I know. But it’s so gloriously hot and luscious outside, and I’m trapped inside with the curtains drawn, trying to finish my MS, so let’s have a song from the underrated Beatles jukebox movie ‘Across the Universe’. There’s something about Beatles songs that defies adaptation, but I enjoyed this tale of two lovers and two cities.

4 comments on “The Tuesday Song”

  1. Dylan Lancaster says:

    I don’t usually like that type of film but that one I loved. Another one I didn’t expect to like and loved was Sunshine On Leith which is based around Proclamers songs.

  2. Lauren says:

    Across the Universe was delightful, unexpectedly so.

  3. Helen Martin says:

    Never saw that movie but absolutely love that song. Bet they weren’t actually using ten pin balls in those hand offs, not with the weight of them. We played 5 pin; more open pin arrangement, much smaller ball and hence greater skill required. Open to persuasion otherwise.

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