Coming Attractions


‘Sunday For Seven Days’ – that’s what it used to say on cinema trailers. I’m aiming to spread the work over a rather lengthier time frame. First up this year will be the paperback version of ‘The Book of Forgotten Authors’ in October, and I believe it’s going to contain some extra material that wasn’t in the hardback. More news about that as I get it.

Then in March (it all seems to far away but I live my life in 9-month delivery slots) comes the paperback of ‘Hall of Mirrors’. which seems to be one of the most popular Bryant & Mays yet (it takes a bloody long time to become newly discovered, I’ll tell you).

Alongside it will be the next full-length novel, ‘The Lonely Hour’. This is shaping up to be the biggest Bryant & May novel yet and certainly the longest. I’m attempting several new things in it – increasing the characterisation of the perpetrator, exploring a bigger canvas, and while there’s a serious subtext about the isolation of urban life, it also has some cracking jokes.

There’s to be a new collection of Bryant & May short stories called ‘England’s Finest’, and one of them, ‘Bryant & May and the Seventh Reindeer’, will be issued first as a Christmas e-short story. (We did this in America and it was very successful.)

Around these definite publications are three maybes, one of which – my Dark Ages saga – has a completed first draft. There’s a new thriller, and a novel which could be described as a fictionalised spin on ‘Film Freak’. I need to get the decks cleared for the saga, which still needs a lot of work, but then I also want to tackle something very scary. It’s been a while.

Scheduling everything is difficult because I’m dependent on editors to approve individual projects. This means one’s earnings can spike and then flatline for a year, so there’s a lot of planning to be done.

Enough chit-chat, back to the almost-finished new B&M book on my desk!

(The artwork is from past short stories of mine that appeared in magazines)

12 comments on “Coming Attractions”

  1. davem says:

    As always, you output is appreciated.

    … and I definitely look forward to the ‘scary’.

  2. Brooke says:

    1) Will BK of Forgotten Authors ever be available in US? Can only find through re-sellers; as I recall you don’t receive royalties from reselling.

    2) When you publish The 7th Reindeer in US, could you also work on getting the full collection published here at the same time? After reading Secret Santa in e-short story version, I looked for London’s Glory. Fortunately, a client was in London and bought a copy for me, as LG wasn’t available in the US until over a year later and only on kindle. Might give your earnings trend a boost.

  3. admin says:

    My US publishers, lovely though they are, remain a mystery to me. They decided that short stories are only worthy f a Kindle, but the UK edition was a scrumptious-looking hardback and sold well. Perhaps I can persuade them.

  4. Denise Treadwell says:

    I wish you would, it difficult to get your books. The publishers are all ways a mystery to me!

  5. Helen Martin says:

    Surely publishers do surveys and such like? Although I’ve never been asked anything about reading habits. We’d tell them, oh yes we would. Even those of us (perhaps particularly those of us) who want the unexpurgated deep English version and pay the premium to get it.

  6. Jan says:

    Here Mr Wowler I thought you had made a solemn promise on this very blog that you were steering clear of future horror fiction books? NOW I AM FRIGHTENED ….both frightened and and worried. It’s a terrifying prospect really it is.

    Am also reading that Bryant + May gardening book you produced which I did mean to read ages ago but forgot because of Uhtred of Bebbanburg, Bernard Cornwells super duper research research and my interest in Saxon times. Also me being a slow reader
    Gettiing a bit twitchy about the prospect of you tackling the Dark ages. Bit of a worry in itself that is.

    Also there’s quite of lot of this gardening volume that’s not making much sense I will e mail you and see if you can cast the Wowler thoughts back in that direction.

    Here where I’m from its was always ” Thursday for seven days” at the pictures which would have completely ruined the weekend had it been true.

    Best regards – weather’s rubbish here.

  7. Helen Martin says:

    Gardening book? Or is that just a sideways reference to the latest? I know my logic system is out of whack at the moment, but what did I miss?

  8. Jan says:

    No Helen the gardening volume was the one before Mr Wowler ‘s current interior decoration guide.
    You know the one about the use of mirrors in various rooms. Specifically the hall.

    Weather’s still very murky here. Hope u r well.

    Mr Trump looks like he’s got the serious hump with young Mr. Trudeau. If he’s like that after a weekend in Canada good Lord what will he be feeling after a few days in the far East…….

  9. Ian Luck says:

    I think that Trump (a slang term for flautus, here in the UK, and as most of what the man says is basically an expulsion of methane from the fundament, it’s particularly apposite), gets ‘the hump’ with anyone who is even remotely acquainted with the truth. He’s a particularly ugly and elderly baby throwing his toys out of the pram. What? No, I don’t think a lot of him. In fact, if truth be known, I think he’s a useless c

  10. Helen Martin says:

    We have been sitting back in shock here in Canada, although why I’m not sure since Mr. Trump is just running true to form (the only kind of truth with which he’s acquainted). Commentators this morning were saying that he’s just creating an atmosphere and attitude prior to his visit to Singapore, that there was nothing Mr. Trudeau said that had not been said both publicly and privately during the meetings. It was rather rude of a guest to use his host as a piece of stage furniture, though, I thought.

    Having been reminded of the home decorating volume, I easily remembered the gardening one, thank you, Jan.

    Weather’s iffy here with people being told to prepare for mountain driving as if it were winter and horrendous thunder and lightning storms in Alberta.

    Hope ur well also.

  11. Jan says:

    Trump man with the hump.
    Not something I am used to any longer. You know that already!

    Hope weather improves for you Helen. Friends of mine whose son has emigrated to Canada are going out there to see him and his young family in a fortnight. Don’t think they would be impressed by snow chains after buying sunscreen and insect repellant.

  12. Mimi Paller says:

    Brooke asked Forgotten Authors would be available in the US. I ordered it via Amazon US in Sept. 2017. They sold it via another bookstore, probably in the UK.

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