Let’s Have A Song!


Remember the Friday Song? When there was still enough hope and joy in the world for me to feel like posting a happy upbeat musical number every now and again? (Newbies, run a search over there on the right.)

I recently watched a Blu-Ray of the Milos Forman version of ‘Hair’, choreographed by the astonishing Twyla Tharp, and although the Fox print is appalling it reminded me how brilliantly the Czech director revitalised this 50 year-old warhorse, currently back on in London. It’s amazing how fresh music can change what you see. With that in mind, I found this very nicely edited clip of ‘Uptown Funk’ and thought I’d better post it. We could all do with some cheering up. Fred and Ginger meet Bruno Mars, who’d have thought it?

8 comments on “Let’s Have A Song!”

  1. Paul Graham says:

    Thanks a lot admin, reverse effect for me! Now left nostalgic and melancholic, with an assurance that I should have been born in the twenties and not the sixties, to appreciate such spectacle, with the proper music!

  2. Jo W says:

    Great dancing, shame about the music. 😉

  3. Peter Dixon says:

    Is Fred Astaire the coolest person who ever lived? Great clothes, superb dancing, poise, elegance AND a great jazz singer – Sinatra loved his singing because of his timing, Michael Jackson tried to copy him. Listen to him singing ‘Just the way you look tonight’ or ‘ Set ’em up Joe’ – magical stuff.

  4. admin says:

    What was it they said about Ginger & Fred? ‘She gave him sex appeal, he gave her class.’

  5. jeanette says:

    Have seen that clip before, I love it. I used to watch all these old films on BBC2 on a Saturday afternoon, and then get ready to go clubbing later.

    Can we have the laughing song with Norman Wisdom and Joyce Grenfell next time you do a “Let’s Have A Song!”

  6. Helen Martin says:

    Fabulous dancing, a piece of real joy.

  7. Ian Luck says:

    I believe that Fred Astaire (and yes, he was damned cool) had some notes written about him after he had gone for an audition at one of the big studios. It said something on the lines of: “Acts well, good singing voice. Can dance a bit.” I wonder if that examiner was related to the guy in Decca records, who dismissed The Beatles, or the guy who wanted to sign The Rolling Stones, but “Not the singer with the tyretread lips.”, or maybe the fellow at Mattel Toys, who, when talking to a certain Mr Lucas, informed him that no child would pay for a 3.75 inch jointed figure…

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