Maggie’s Mind Lint 2


So, following from the onslaught in the earlier part of that week, Maggie fired off a few more missives about her daughter leaving London to work in Europe, which I boiled down to extract sense from…

Amber is very anxious about another adventure. Poppy and I with Amber we had a Brazilian meal near goodfellas street. big mistake I chose pork rehashed beans in a black inky sauce. pork which was so tired it could barely stand up. all wooden beams and exhausted waiter. I trembled at the meat. After two mouthfuls and could not eat more. Poppy crunched her way through a Brazilian to tills with spin ache. Poor poppy so sad that her sister going away me so sad that I had paid £150 to see Harley street nutricianist lovely black lady. this is to build her up nutritionally. Poppy very eager been here befor usual thing no coffee cos she is manic flax seeds eggs no naughty. West but you might want to look at our own brand of supplements. Amber and I loading our Indian spices for her new adventure pain killers  loperamide  just in case money for her deposit on flat. she is going to teacher conference  and then hooking up with one of her former pupils in Rimony. I bought her a gadget that weighs her cases how planes get up into the air frightens me with these very heavy cases. it is here here it is. I have been quite chilled today. Poppy got a bit weepy. I love her and she makes me laugh and we both like adventures. I am going to try get some rest. Amber is being picked up at 4 and then taken to Tottenham and then Stansted. Amber does not want me to come this time she says she feels guilty.  I get like this every time. I love you please see me soon if you want to come to me I would love to have you mxx

Sorry about rambling message no change there. dreadful Monday really hate this one. said tearful goodbye to beloved Daughter Amber at 4.20. aful. turned up for my appointment at Dr. Yasmin who said Margaret it was yesterday. left renewal of prescription. Set off to go to my Dentist to try get Edna to arrange for it to be extracted with sedation. Edna led me into surgery. then Edna who had repeatedly said she did not want to extract tricky tooth did extract it. two months of tooth ache over but swollen mouth and bleeding. Shit I’m loosing my teeth. (Y) had panic attack about (Z) coming to stay as he has had a lot of mice. calmed him down and told him that he must not get anxious (Z) just wanted a bed  for the night and wasn’t going to judge his flat. sunny day. are you ok. saw for the first time The Sunday Times mention of play we are going to see. About a man who likes wearing women’s clothes haha. Mxx who has big hole in mouth and keeps slavering.


Maggie is somewhere in her seventies, and partly a 12 year-old girl agog at the world. We’re not quite sure where in her seventies because she keeps erasing her personal data, even going so far as to once alter her passport with biro, which the Home Office weren’t too happy about. Here she is with my partner, with her ‘slavering’ mouth open as usual.

5 comments on “Maggie’s Mind Lint 2”

  1. Jo W says:

    Keep going,Maggie! Be happy!

  2. Rachel Green says:

    love these.
    She needs to collate a book.

  3. brooke says:

    Call me old-fashioned but can one really trust a man who publishes a gentlewoman’s personal correspondence?

  4. Helen Martin says:

    Admin would not do it without permission, surely.

    Even as we speak, after almost three months of heat it is actually raining! Sorry, but it has been really quite bad here on the (usually) Wet Coast of N. America.

  5. admin says:

    Rest assured, Brooke, this gentlewoman’s secrets are safe. As stated, they were heavily edited. I just wanted to get across the point that…see next post, in fact!

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