What Can You Find For Under A Pound?


Little Boy Found

…There aren’t many things but this is one of them.

The little boy’s name is Gabriel, and he’s dropped off to school by his father Nick on the morning of his birthday. But in a brief second of inattention Gabriel is lost from sight outside the playground. However, this is not another missing child story. What happens to Nick and his son is far more surprising, for the next time he sees Gabriel, everything in Nick’s life will be changed forever…

This is my first take on the psychological suspense novel. You could argue that I’ve tackled the genre at least two times before, especially in ‘Psychoville’, but in ‘Little Boy Found’ I’ve set out to add a fresh twist to the tradition. From Thursday 6th July ‘Little Boy Found’ will be available as a Quercus e-book, and if it reaches its target sales figure (it’s currently on sale at the insanely low price of just 99p!) it will become a paperback.

Little Boy FoundDon’t do it for me – do it so that you can add a lovely paper edition to your shelf. What else can 99p buy? A chocolate Magnum costs more and only lasts a fiftieth of the time! My blog tour has just started so you can find out more if you like, before investing less than a quid for a finely wrought novel of nightmarishly agonising suspense!

If this one goes well, there will be others under the LK Fox name. What happens next will be decided by the readers, which is as it should be. As well as a blog tour, I’ll be physically touring the UK for the whole month of October – my longest tour in a very long time. Watch the site for an update on events and times.

Little Boy Found Blog Tour

13 comments on “What Can You Find For Under A Pound?”

  1. Ollie says:

    Chris, will this book also be available as an ebook? As I mentioned earlier, I’m totally blind, and ebooks represent the best and easiest way for us to access reading and learning. Please, I’d like to ask you and your reader to spread the word. Digital books are not just a fancy item, but they’re a tool for social inclusion and equality. Thanks. I’ll buy the book as soon as I can grab a digital copy. Ciao from a boiling hot Milan.

  2. Ollie says:

    My fingers were faster than my brain. I looked up the book on Amazon and, sure enough, the Kindle edition was there for pre-order. Grabbed it. Thanks.

  3. admin says:

    You’re welcome, Ollie. I’m shortly recording my own audiobook version of ‘The Book of Forgotten Authors’, and try to always make sure audiobooks are available.

  4. Ian Mason says:

    I just pre-ordered it.

  5. Vivienne says:

    Already on order. Was out for a walk recently and it got sunny. Managed to buy a pair of sunglasses from a 99p shop and rhey’re not bad.

  6. brooke says:

    Price is higher in US (assuming Amazon purchase in UK and US) by 54% even factoring in today’s exchange rate.
    I hope the difference accrues to the author!

  7. Steveb says:

    You mean I’ll be able to come and heckle in person in October instead of just on the internet 😉
    In the meantime did the right thing and bought a copy of LK Fox’s debut

  8. Porl says:

    Electric book already pre-ordered! Looking forward tot his!

  9. Steveb says:

    By the way is it John Moxon? They thought the nightmare was over – it is now…

    Only 2 days to wait…

  10. admin says:

    Yikes on the price hike US-side, Brooke – not something within my control. I’m on low pay for this book but stand to gain if it sells (that old trick!)

  11. Wayne Mook says:

    Kenneth Wolstenholme’s comment Steve, Motty is not that old,

    Well it’s the 1st time I’ve pre-ordered an e-book. So look forward to this,


  12. Steveb says:

    Kenneth Wolstenholme! Gosh I’d forgotten that name but I remember now. Thanks!

  13. brooke says:

    Will order and give outrageously positive reviews and email all friends to buy it.

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