The Friday Song Returns!


As I was researching the swinging sixties,  I recalled this snippet from the film ‘Head’ directed by Bob Rafaelson. The Monkees copied everything the Beatles did, so when the Beatles made ‘Magical Mystery Tour’, a self-indulgent farrago that nevertheless spawned a staggering number of timeless hits, the Monkees made ‘Head’, which didn’t. Bits of it were fun, though, if you bear in mind that this pre-digital sequence with the British one, Davy Jones had to be shot multiple times and carefully matched shot for shot, so it’s not quite as easy as it looks. It’s a very early example of the music video. Jones died at 66.

3 comments on “The Friday Song Returns!”

  1. Simon Lewis says:

    Also featuring and choreographed by Antonia Christina Basilotta

  2. Stephen Winer says:

    The song is by Harry Nilsson.

  3. Andy W. says:

    B & M dancing / shuffling along the Mile End Road to a The Monkees tune come on !

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