20 Reasons To Be Fearful

Great Britain


Ah, the sun is shining, the birds have stopped coughing long enough to whistle a little tune and you feel momentarily good, don’t you? Allow me to wipe that cheery smile off your face. A quick round-up of the UK’s top stories this morning revealed these gems.

  1. ‘Arctic ice melt brings uncontrollable climate change at global level.’
  2. ‘UK Sikhs are invisible to government despite massive rise in hate crime.’
  3. ‘Young people in Britain use most cocaine in Europe.’
  4. ‘Pensioners ‘have had it too good for too long’ says the Times.
  5. ‘Police find mass Mexican grave full of severed heads.’
  6. ‘Britons admit they were wrong about Brexit – but now it’s too late’ (US)
  7. ‘Planet’s soil can only sustain 60 more harvests.’
  8. ‘Trump turns to ultra-wealthy to steer economic policy.’
  9. ‘Daily Mail is only national newspaper to hide Jo Cox murder verdict.’
  10. ‘House affordability in London reaches new low.’
  11. ‘Extinction crisis is not slowing but accelerating.’
  12. ‘Boris Johnson branded ‘appallingly arrogant’ by EU leaders.’
  13. ‘Sarah Palin set for comeback.’
  14. ‘Trump’s team composed of extremists and lobbyists hired by fossil fuel, tobacco and chemical companies to avoid regulation and taxation.’
  15. ‘Your clothes will soon be able too speak to your washing machine.’
  16. ‘People are having last-minute surgery to look good in Christmas selfies.’
  17. ‘Marine Le Pen has a ‘fair’ chance of winning French presidency in May.’
  18. ‘Nigel Farage condemns out-of-touch elite at Ritz banquet.’
  19. ‘Brexit costing over £350 million a week which could have been spent of ailing NHS.’
  20. ‘Family on gold thrones say they represent all Americans.’

I recommend that you put on the new Pink Martini CD, see ‘La La Land’ and go shopping for shoes. Who knows when we’ll be happy again?


7 comments on “20 Reasons To Be Fearful”

  1. DC says:

    Still, looking on the bright side… it is just a month until Christmas. :-J

  2. Charles says:

    I think this post would be better titled “Reasons to be Fearful”, dropping the “20”, which makes it look like low-quality click-bait.

  3. Jan says:

    There can’t be much wrong with a world where Nigel Farage is auditioning for the job of Britain’s ambassador to the US by passing round the Ferraro Rocher. Some x Navy seal commander is probably abseiling down Trump Tower having left a box of Milk Tray in Mrs Trumps bedroom he wants to be head of the CIA.
    The bloke who wants to take over at the U.N. is trying to teach the world to sing whilst passing round the fizzy drinks. This is how Trump envisions making America great again product placement it could be the way forward

  4. admin says:

    Which it is, Charles.

  5. Vivienne says:

    1, 7 and 11 are most worrying. Even I might outlive some of the others.

  6. Peter Dixon says:

    One of the happiest days of my life was when Thatcher got thrown out – we were all celebrating in the office when the managing director walked in pale faced and looking as if someone had hit him in the nadgers* with a frying pan. “Its the end of the world for this country” he said; we all laughed.

    Who’s laughing now?

    *See: Rambling Sid Rumpo

  7. Jan says:

    You know I never thought I would find myself saying this but it was Mrs. T who kept us out of the barmier bits of Schengen and who kept us clear of plenty of the European grief which could have come our way.
    I wonder what she would have thought about our eventual withdrawal? That we’d turned away from an opportunity to redefine our role or eventually come our senses?

    I know i have said this before but we joined the common market and ended up getting dragged toward the Federal State of Europe.

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