Inside The Peculiar Crimes Unit

Bryant and May


The very Christmassy paperback featuring Bryant & May’s first collection of missing cases, ‘London’s Glory’, is out now, a snip at £8.99. It contains this Eagle-style cutaway by Keith Page, age 14, Upper 4B, along with an introductory essay on crime fiction and all kinds of surprises. Buy it for a relative you wish to annoy!

3 comments on “Inside The Peculiar Crimes Unit”

  1. Lusephur says:

    Great pic.
    But the builders are sadly missing. Maybe they’ve gone to make more tea.

  2. snowy says:

    That gives me an idea*! [Somebody is going to get their inbox bothered].

    [*It doesn’t happen very often, blame the Supermoon].

  3. Helen Martin says:

    We do need the hole in the floor where the Daves hang out (work might be too strong a word.) Do not miss the seagulls on the roof. I always look to see what artists do with them because we had a cartoonist who always had such character filled gulls that you had to laugh. These ones are at least giggle worthy.

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