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Over the years this website has evolved as changing formats have developed. I dumped Flash because too many people could not access the lustrous moving images of London, and iPhones have forced simplification upon most sites. Remember when the web was full of glamorous complex pulsing pictures? Sadly most of those have gone now as the need to be read across a range of devices has required simpler design solutions.

As a result, this site has got more and more cluttered over the last few years, so that it now looks like an electronic pound shop. So there’s going to be a major tidy-up. The bookselling side will go here, hiving off all the sell, which will allow this site to be much simpler and more navigable, without loads of separate and sometimes random categories. And the stuff I like to chat with you about will remain here under a single daily-updated topic page so that I don’t have to constantly update nine separate categories.

In terms of content the same amount of stuff will appear and I’ll still visit places of interest in London and around the world, with articles on books, films and general interest, it’ll just be easier for you to read and me to manage. And with any luck I’ll cover a wider range of topics, according to what you’d like to see.

3 comments on “A Change Is Coming To This Site”

  1. snowy says:

    I was wondering what was happening about that only yesterday.

    (You doubtless don’t need a beta tester but if you suddenly find you do… )

  2. Matt says:

    That clickable link is great. Will everything be there or just B&M.

  3. Helen Martin says:

    I hope the answer to Matt is “everything”. That is so readable a place and the covers are nice and big. Recommended you to someone the other day and was told she’d found Full Dark House and was thrilled with the story. Another convert!

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